My wellness journey is a long, complicated, ongoing process. There have been many ups and downs along the way. This page will be dedicated to my journey in post-nomadic life (after August 2017). Before then, I had 1) extreme weight gain due to an eleven-year illness, 2) a gradual 105-lb weight loss, 3) a two-year maintenance of a healthy weight, and 4) a major relapse and 80-lb regain due to many, many factors. The details about all these sections of my journey are available on my Wellness: Before page.

Nomadic life is now over for me. (Whew!) I began my new life-of-permanence with a goal to lose 85 lbs. My process involves:

  • lots of exercise! I lose primarily through exercise and prefer this to cutting calories. I enjoy a lot of types of exercise, including yoga, walking, running, aquafit, dancing, and circuit training
  • eating a healthy-but-reasonable diet with a wide variety of produce and as much whole, real foods as possible, with my carbohydrate levels staying on the high side due to the amount of exercise I do
  • working on my mental health to overcome disordered eating habits, body-image issues, and trauma-related fears and triggers
07 vision board

(my wellness journey vision board)

However – and this is very important to me – this is not just a weight loss journey. Instead, I’m on a wellness journey. I want to be truly healthy – in mind and heart as well as in body. I want to celebrate my body no matter its size. I want to embrace life, and embrace myself, and love me for who I am. I want to be strong, flexible, healthy, kind, and confident – physically, mentally, emotionally; internally and externally. It will be no easy task, and it will take time, support, and tremendous efforts. But I am worth it.

Current Weight Progress
3 of 85 lbs lost – 4% (as of 1/1/20)

Resources and Inspiration:
• Alee and The Wellness Room, who taught me how amazing therapy can be
• Brittany Gibbons, aka Brittany Herself: her TED talk, her book Fat Girl Walking, and her general body positivity
Molly Galbraith, especially her 28-Day Love Your Body Challenge
• Finding What Feels Good – Yoga With Adriene focuses on building a positive relationship with your body
Birthmarkings: the post-birth-body self-image documentary that started my journey toward body-positivity (particularly the mother who comes in at 16:48, whose belly looks a lot like my post-pregnancy belly looked before surgery in January 2014)
Julia Kozerski‘s truthful photo-journey about the post-weight-loss body reality (note: photo journal at the first link includes male and female nudity)
Katya Zharkova (a Belarusian plus-size model and actress) and her campaign to show straight-size and plus-size modeling for what they are. Examples available (with pictures, and nudity warning) at The Daily Mail and Styleite.
Jessamyn Stanley and Amber Karnes for showing that yoga can be for every body and every size.
• This article on the pitfalls of low/low-ish carb diets.
• Particularly helpful and/or inspiring books: Come As You Are, It Was Me All Along, Elena Vanishing, The Body Keeps the Score, The Case Against Sugar, Great Courses: Stress and Your Body
• All my loving friends and family, for believing in me, for cheering me on, for never judging me on my size or failures, for insisting that I’m worth it whenever I falter and forget. Thank you.
• More to come – and suggestions welcomed!

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