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Sunday Coffee – Another House Update

When your house is ripped apart and coming back together slowly, your world eventually sharpens until that work, the last stages of it, becomes all you can do and think about. You just want it to be over and done … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Hello

Time for some general updates from the Gignacery! We made it through Week 1 of Band Camp. Seriously, as I mentioned in my July wrap-up, band camp is insane here. It’s band camp with a capital BC. This week was … Continue reading

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July in Review

July was a month of crazy-busy. Summer school, study abroad, four birthdays, extreme heat (over 105 many days), and the beginning of band camp. The insurance didn’t approve our house claim until late in the month, so construction didn’t start until … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Japan, parties, construction

Morrigan has told us tons about Japan but he’s not really interested in sitting down to dictate stories for me, heh. The long and short of it goes like this: he loved the food, even the seafood, which surprised me … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – 26

A year ago, my family was struggling to survive after Jason had lost his job. We were stressed, tired, and eating the cheapest of crap foods from the grocery store. I had terrible heartburn from all the junk food, and … Continue reading

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June in Review

The month started with a bang: Going to Houston to visit my uncle (who has late-stage cancer). Discovering that our roofers several months ago not only didn’t do the job we paid them to do, but their negligence caused about … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Halfway Point

Since we’re now halfway through the year, I thought I’d do a quick halfway point check-in. I’m going to skip the rougher parts (those can be seen in individual month check-ins) and focus instead on my best-ofs for the year. … Continue reading

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