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Sunday Coffee – Why I Don’t Read Diet Books

I love health, nutrition, and fitness books that focus on science and aren’t trying to sell diets, but miraculous, cure-all diet books? No. Sometimes, though, I check them out from the library for a particular reason and have to skim … Continue reading

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Off Menu, by Nell McShane Wulhart (audio)

Subtitled: The Secret Science of Food & Dining From GoodReads: “Off Menu is a charming, fun-fact-filled deep dive into the little-known science of food and dining: why we eat what we eat, the nuances of our experience of taste and … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – The Answer

I’ve spent the last six years searching for answers. WHY did I suddenly start gaining weight in May 2014? WHY has my weight been steady for over three years now, but will not budge downwards no matter what I do? … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Peanuts

One night during the month we were in Wisconsin, I began to have a weird physical sensation, like someone was pressing a finger down on my throat where my neck meets my breastbone. Every time I swallowed, I met resistance … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Personal Ah-ha! Moments

Last week, on my third day of severe insomnia and a bit delirious from having been awake since 4:15am, I had four major ah-ha! moments throughout the day. Probably due to the delirium, I could only remember three of these … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – First Steps

There have been several big changes to my life this week. Covid has spiked so badly here that my hiking group has canceled the remaining June hikes and decided not to schedule any for July. That’s a big part of … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Addiction

Coffee coffee coffee. Coffee. I could end the post that way, but I won’t. Ha! So…um…I made a mistake. Earlier this year, I talked about the experiments I was doing with coffee to see what, if anything, might be affecting … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend

Since Jason and the boys play D&D on Sundays, we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day a day early. Normally, we just do dinner out for Mother’s Day, but obviously that wasn’t happening during quarantine. So Jason asked me what I … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – The Problem With Cold Brew

For the last month(ish), I’ve been drinking mostly cold-brew iced coffee as part of my current coffee experiments. I honestly don’t know if it’s made any difference to my health in terms of acidity/heat. However, two problems have come up … Continue reading

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Product Review: Lumen

In the fall of 2018, I came across an Indigogo campaign for a product called Lumen. It purported to be a device that, with a single breath, could tell you your daily resting/basil metabolic rate. The campaign also said that … Continue reading

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