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Gut Reactions, by Simon Quellen Field (audio)

Subtitled: The Science of Weight Gain or Loss Two notes before I begin. First, this is not a diet book or a self-help book. This is a book (primarily) about body science, dealing with the complexities and intricacies that make … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Making sense of discrepancies

Last week, I began listening to a Great Courses lecture series regarding body composition. The lecturer made a statement that I’ve heard a lot – that if you’re eating well and moving well, body composition will change, and that if … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – When Food Turns Against You

Back in early January, I got a bad cold and lost my sense of smell, as you tend to do when you get all stuffed up. The cold lingered and kept recurring for months, until it turned into full-blown bronchitis … Continue reading

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Wake UP

On Wednesday, I posted about being at my second-highest weight ever. That evening, I binged for the first time in 93 days. I’d almost made it a full 100 days, and it was the longest I’d gone without binging since … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Exercise & Diet

They say you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, and I suppose that in a way, this is true. But in my case, I’ve found the opposite to be truer: you can’t out-diet a sedentary lifestyle. At least I can’t. I’ve … Continue reading

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Making the Most of Mother’s Day

So yeah. Yesterday morning was frustrating, waking up to water everywhere and a messed up kitchen ceiling. But I’m tired of days just going to hell because of things outside my control, and decided to do what I could to … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Basics

Seven years ago, when I was on my first weight loss journey, I began with some very basic principles. My goal was to eat “healthy but reasonable,” a way I could eat for the rest of my life. I would … Continue reading

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