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Wellness Wednesday #54: Mini-Retreat

So you may have noticed that the blog went dark for the last week. There were two reasons for this – one good, one bad. To get the bad one out of the way first, we had a tornado last … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #53: Happiness Jar

Back in 2012 or 2013, I first heard of the “happiness jar.” You get a glass jar or other container and use it to hold slips of paper on which you write down things that make you happy throughout the … Continue reading

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Wine Isn’t Rocket Science, by Ophelie Neiman

Illustrated by: Yannis Varoutsikos Translated by: Nysa Kline Subtitled: A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting, and Pairing Every Type of Wine This book is, quite simply (and explained by the subtitle), a guide to wine. The world … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Yes and No

Society teaches women to say yes. To everything. That is a very, very hard lesson to overcome. I remember once, back in middle school, when we went through the drive through at some fast food place and they gave my … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #52: Every Body Yoga

Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley is a book that tackles body image, the fundamentals of yoga, the history of yoga, and much more. I’m not writing a full review of this book because I didn’t read the entire thing. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things I’d Like to See More Often in Books

I’ve been thinking about this topic, and I worry that this will be more of a “what I’d like to see less in order to see more of” kind of topic. Hopefully that’s okay. Because there are things that show … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Happy Mother’s Day!

Morning to you all! I had a rough night – family emergency that’s now over and well but which resulted in very little sleep – so I’m once again keeping my Sunday post short. Hopefully there’s a nap or three … Continue reading

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