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Happy 18th Birthday, Morrigan!

My oldest child is now officially an adult. He can vote, and plans to next week when early voting starts. He’s finished college applications and has been accepted to his top choice (Kansas University). In the spring, he’ll be getting … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Health Glitches

It’s been an interesting month so far. On the first, I found a lump in my left breast. On the third, my doctor confirmed that there was something there, though she suspected it was fibrocystic tissue possibly related to perimenopause. … Continue reading

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The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, by Kiersten White

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein revisited through the eyes of Elizabeth Frankenstein. I read Frankenstein about twenty years ago and honestly, I barely remember much from the book itself. I remember some of the class discussions afterwards, but that’s it. If I … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Ghost Stories

Audible has started giving away two of its Original productions to members each month. This month, I picked a nonfiction listen for November, and a short ghost story for RIP. The audio was just over half an hour long, so … Continue reading

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Muse of Nightmares, by Laini Taylor (audio)

Warning: Mild spoilers for Strange the Dreamer, but none for this book. Now that Lazlo has awoken his abilities and Sarai is “differently alive,” everything has changed. Lazlo faces a choice: betray the person he loves, or betray the entire … Continue reading

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Running Part 3: Starting Over

Part 1: C25K Part 2: Peak After we moved to Boston in 2014, I pretty much quit running altogether. I hadn’t done much for a year before that move, first because of training injuries, then because of abdominal surgery. After … Continue reading

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The Longest Books I’ve Ever Read

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday asks us about the longest books we’ve ever read. The following list is not my favorites of the longest books I’ve read, just the longest. Actually, it’s split pretty evenly between liked and disliked. Also split … Continue reading

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