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Skyward, by Brandon Sanderson

All her life, Spensa has been branded a coward’s daughter. Her father was a space-fighter, and in a critical moment, fled from battle and was shot down by his own team. Spensa is determined to prove that she’s not a … Continue reading

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Elf 5K

It finally happened! Stephanie and I signed up for a 5K every month from September to December, and this is the first one that we both attended and was a full 5K! Also, it was the most awesome of all … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – MRI and Sleep Rx

A couple health updates today. First, that brain MRI. Apparently the substitute doctor I saw had written up the order but never submitted it. So my doctor submitted it. Within two days, the MRI was approved by my insurance, and I … Continue reading

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The Kiss Quotient, by Helen Hoang

Stella’s world is all about math, economics, and her work. She doesn’t have a lot of dating experience, and her mother is pressuring her. So she decides to go about dating and sex the way she approaches everything: logically and … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Making sense of discrepancies

Last week, I began listening to a Great Courses lecture series regarding body composition. The lecturer made a statement that I’ve heard a lot – that if you’re eating well and moving well, body composition will change, and that if … Continue reading

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Back to the Classics 2019

It’s been ages since I participated in any kind of reading challenge. It’s also been ages since I was reading classics regularly. This latter fact, I want to rectify, and it seems like Karen’s Back to the Classics challenge would … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Well ebay sucks now…

It’s been maybe 5-6 years since I’ve used ebay, and even then, I’d hardly used it since the mid-2000s. I decided to dig up my account, though, to sell off some stuff. I had about 40 items to sell and … Continue reading

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