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First Day of School!!!!!!!

Ah, the first day of school, a day I anticipate and yearn for all summer! This year is a bit different because for the first time in about twelve years, only two of them will be starting school. This year, … Continue reading

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In the Navy Now

Holy donkeys the last two weeks have been a whirlwind. After Morrigan learned he would not be able to go up to school in Kansas, he began last-minute searches for new plans. He applied to the local community college. He … Continue reading

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Silent Child, by Sarah Denzil (audio)

Ten years ago, Emma’s six-year-old son Aiden drowned during a flood when he wandered away from his classroom, his body never found. Now, Emma has managed to scrape her life back together. She’s married and pregnant and trying not to … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Adjustments

Sorry to be quite absent lately. August has been a whirlwind so far, what with trying to figure out what Morrigan is going to do now and my body trying to adjust to a new medication. Fingers crossed that we … Continue reading

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Better Than the Best Plan, by Lauren Morrill

Ritzy’s life has always been a bit unpredictable, but she never expected her mother to just abandon her right before the end of high school. Not quite old enough to look after herself, Ritzy is thrust into the foster care … Continue reading

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July 2019 in Review

July was an exercise in endurance for my family. Not only did we have the last of the surgeries and weeks of scattershot happenings, but we got a few unpleasant surprises that have altered the course of at least this … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Carb Diaries, Part 2

Back in early March, I bit the bullet and increased my daily carb intake from around 35% to over 50%. It was the first time I’d eaten that many carbs on a regular basis in about seven years, since a … Continue reading

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