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Real Food, Fake Food, by Larry Olmsted (audio)

Subtitled: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It Let me start by saying what this book isn’t. This is not about so-called Frankenfoods. It’s not about Lucky Charms or Velveeta or Pepsi. When … Continue reading

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Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard

The world is divided along lines of color: Silver and Red. Those with silver blood (literally) have supernatural powers and are the ruling class. Those with red blood are ordinary, and thus essentially slave labor. Of course, divisions like this … Continue reading

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The Elusive Elixir, by Gigi Pandian (audio)

Given that this is the third book in a series, I’m not going to put a synopsis here. It might spoil earlier books, and I’ve enjoyed this quirky fantasy-mystery series too much to possibly spoil it for others. In general, … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Birdsong

One thing about growing up in a place is the way background noise becomes ingrained in your subconscious. Even if you don’t necessarily like a place, your brain imprints things that you might not even think about. I grew up … Continue reading

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Wires and Nerve, by Marissa Meyer

The events of the Lunar Chronicles series are over, but the world doesn’t just go on peacefully with perfect trust afterwards. Relations are still strained between governments, and there are consequences from former royal edicts to be dealt with. Among … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #46: Square One(ish)

Coming home has been interesting. The two weeks away helped to bring forward a number of new revelations. First, I noticed just how much more active I was in Texas than I am at home. I’m much more sedentary here. … Continue reading

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The Hanged Man, by PN Elrod

When Lady Alex Pendlebury is called in to psychically evaluate a death, she has no idea that the deceased will be someone she knows. The death, which Alex is convinced is a murder rather than suicide, is peculiar, and when … Continue reading

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