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Journey Before Destination

In Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, there’s an oath that certain people take while obtaining specific abilities. The plot isn’t important, just the oath: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. There are many ways to interpret these small … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Off

This summer has been very tough for me so far. First my uncle was diagnosed with late stage terminal cancer. Then we discover $20K worth of damage and enter a large legal fight with a construction company. Our house gets … Continue reading

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Sleep Study

Because I feel like an absolute wreck but I also want to record these thoughts in a way that’s more permanent than Facebook, here is what I wrote up and posted this morning after last night’s sleep study: Sooooo…I had … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Happy Father’s Day!

(My dad, me, my brother William, my sister Becky.) (Jason and our three boys.) Dads really are made for crawling on, aren’t they? Happy Father’s Day!

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Wellness Wednesday – Why I Adore LuLaRoe

I posted about my first LuLaRoe order a few weeks ago. In that post, I talked about going overboard on buying their clothes, from multiple retailers. Then on the 3rd, I went to my first in-person LLR party, which allowed … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – House Update 1

I figure I should chronicle the craziness here, as a way of keeping myself from going insane. Things that happened since last Sunday (another warning of LONG): 1 – The roofing company indeed fought, saying that none of this was … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – A Reminder

April 2012 – Cozumel, Mexico – 185 lbs (the line between overweight and obese for my height). Jason took this picture of me. I’d been so happy about my progress – down 75 lbs – but I hated this picture … Continue reading

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