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Summer Break Quarantine Goals

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take any excuse to make goals, would I? Ha! Well, the boys are out for the summer, even though officially the school year doesn’t end until Thursday afternoon. Their AP tests are done, … Continue reading

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Quarantine Diaries – Week 10

I’m changing around the format of this as we’ve passed the two-month mark under quarantine and less is changing on a day-by-day basis. It’s still important to me to track all this, especially as the state government forces us all … Continue reading

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Quarantine Diaries – Week 9

This week, I began to focus on what life will be like moving forward in a pandemic, which I’ll discuss a bit more on Sunday. It reminds me of when I first began to KonMari my house in 2015 – … Continue reading

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February 2020 in Review

There are a couple months in the year that I expect to be insanely busy. Late November through December (holidays!), May/June (end of school!), October (October!!). What I don’t expect is for February to be absolutely nuts. February. Normally quiet, no … Continue reading

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Cold Brew the Easy Way

Once upon a time – aka the fall of 2015 – I began to make my own cold brew iced coffee. I love iced coffee, and I’d found a recipe from Pioneer Woman that talked about how to make your … Continue reading

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Kimono and Cross-body Crochet Bags

I mentioned in my July wrap-up that I’d gone backwards in my goal to get rid of all my yarn by starting a new project with new yarn. Well, I just finished said project! Welcome the Genesis Kimono into my … Continue reading

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May in Review

Please note: Last night I got the news that my uncle has advanced cancer with liver and kidney failure. There’s a very strong probability that he won’t make it longer than a few more days. I’m heading to Houston to … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Landscaping Progress (Tier 2)

When you use the words “xeriscape” and “South Texas” together, it conjures images of cactus and rock yards. That’s pretty much the xeriscape norm around here. It makes sense – we live in an area highly prone to drought, and … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Cultivate

I won’t lie to y’all – May has been just as tough as I expected. So far, I’ve been coping with the crushing ghost-trauma** by binge-watching TV. While this isn’t the healthiest thing in the world, it’s far better than … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Landscaping Progress (Tier 1)

About a month ago, I mentioned that we were starting to landscape our front yard because it’s on a major slope that has seen a lot of erosion. We’ve made some progress on the first tier of the yard and … Continue reading

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