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Wellness Wednesday #46: Square One(ish)

Coming home has been interesting. The two weeks away helped to bring forward a number of new revelations. First, I noticed just how much more active I was in Texas than I am at home. I’m much more sedentary here. … Continue reading

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The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout (audio)

Subtitled: The Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us Four percent of the population – about one in every 25 people – has no conscience. They are not all criminals, serial killers, or the Hitlers of the world, which is what … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Fight, Flight, Freeze

Not long after my sixteenth birthday, my mom moved us to a new house across town. My sophomore year wasn’t quite over, and it was a big upheaval that I dreaded. Part of moving in was to bring all our … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #39: Medication

My brain is obviously not working too well these days. I’ve had a lot of biochemical changes over the last three years. I went from a place of a healthy weight and great blood stats, to suddenly rising insulin and … Continue reading

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Without You, There Is No Us, by Suki Kim (audio)

Subtitled: My Time with the Sons of North Korea’s Elite In 2011, a journalist named Suki Kim posed as a missionary posing as a teacher. Using this layered disguise, she got a position at a school in Pyongyang, North Korea. … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #33 – Paralysis

I currently stand on the edge of something. I’m in my own house now, and can control many things I couldn’t before: when/where to exercise. What to buy and eat. My daily schedules and routines. Etc. This is an exciting … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #32: Discipline

My original health and fitness journey began in earnest in 2011. I had drive and determination and a plan. I made specific goals in short term (daily/weekly) and long term and longer term. I studied and evaluated and generally threw … Continue reading

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