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Wellness Wednesday – A Reminder

April 2012 – Cozumel, Mexico – 185 lbs (the line between overweight and obese for my height). Jason took this picture of me. I’d been so happy about my progress – down 75 lbs – but I hated this picture … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #54: Mini-Retreat

So you may have noticed that the blog went dark for the last week. There were two reasons for this – one good, one bad. To get the bad one out of the way first, we had a tornado last … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Vacation Talk

Hello everyone! After three weeks of (mostly) silence, I’m back! It was a much-needed break and a good vacation, but now I have a lot to catch up on. To note, I went ahead and marked all posts in Feedly … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Another Adventure Begins

The decision has been made. We are indeed moving to Wisconsin. And soon. That’s the new part. Original talks circled on prepping our house to go on the market next spring, and moving up next summer, after the boys were … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part III: Goals and Crafties

When we go on longer vacations, I tend to make mini-goals for myself, just as a way to keep myself on track. A little. I knew there would be some down-time on this vacation and I didn’t want to spend … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part II: North and South

North (aka Lake Superior) As I mentioned in my last vacation post, we took two mini-vacations while on vacation (ha!). The first was to visit my sister-in-law, Chelsea, who is a paramedic in Duluth, MN. Duluth is only a couple … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part I: Barron, WI

If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll know already that I’ve been on vacation. Two weeks ago, my family flew northward to visit Jason’s family in Wisconsin. We were there for two weeks, arriving home late this … Continue reading

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