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Close to Home, by Cara Hunter (audio)

GoodReads summary available here. The hunt for police procedurals, take 1: Nope. I’m not going to spend long on this one. The book was well-written. I really enjoyed most of it. For awhile, I thought perhaps it would be the … Continue reading

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White Sand Volume 2, by Brandon Sanderson and Rik Hoskin

Since this is a continuation of a series, I’m not going to say more about the story, but instead direct you to my review of White Sand Volume 1. Most of what I have to say about this book is … Continue reading

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Reign the Earth, by AC Gaughen

Check out the Goodreads description here. I had mixed feelings about this book. Something about it grated on me the entire time I was reading, and at the same time, I was unable to put the book down. Part of … Continue reading

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Wires and Nerve: Gone Rogue, by Marissa Meyer

This is the second (and I believe final) volume of this short graphic novel series that takes place after the Lunar Chronicles. Iko is the primary narrator, and she’s on earth fighting rogue wolf-soldiers who are intent on revenge against … Continue reading

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Mind Games, by Kiersten White

Two sisters with psychic powers. A mysterious and dangerous school. Both sisters trying to protect and save each other though one is blind and one is psychologically traumatized by what she’s forced to do. I only found out recently that … Continue reading

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Night of Cake and Puppets, by Laini Taylor

In the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor, Karou’s best friend is an absolutely amazing “rabid fairy” named Zuzana. Zuzana has the biggest crush on a co-worker she knows only as “violin-boy,” and her rabid-fairy-ness flees whenever … Continue reading

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Protected: Into the Bright Unknown, by Rae Carson

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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