The Neighbor Favor, by Kristina Forest

Lily is an editor’s assistant, dreaming of moving into a different part of the publishing world and struggling to live up to her family’s successes. Nick is a journalist who once published an obscure novel while running from his past. Neither has had much luck in love, and that doesn’t get any better when they begin an email correspondence, only for Nick to ghost Lily after months of letters. Angry at herself for falling for what she believes is a catfishing scheme, Lily determines to take charge of her love life to get her sisters off her back. She enlists the help of her new neighbor, who (unbeknownst to her) just happens to be the man who broke her heart the previous year.

I don’t have much to say about this book. It’s a very tried-and-true romance plot, with our protagonists this time both being introverted bookworms. It’s cute, mildly spicy in places, and pairs the romance with a late-20s coming of age story. I enjoyed the book very much, a comfort read that I really needed right now. Also, it has the greenest of green flags, when Nick – who had a chaotic and dysfunctional upbringing – makes the following decision: “He decided right then that he’d find a therapist as soon as he got back to New York.” We need more male characters like this!!

Again, I don’t have anything deep to say here – it’s a fun book, well-written, and I heartily recommend it.

PS – Apparently there will be spin-off romances to follow this book, involving Lily’s sisters. This makes me quite happy!


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