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Wellness Wednesday – Arrogant Doctors

I was planning to discuss the way I’ve been feeling about my body and my health/fitness journey lately today, but I had an experience Monday that got my blood boiling, and decided to put off my original plan til next … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Ode to Some of My Favorite Things

Nothing special today. I’m in a good mood and just want to rhapsody about some of my favorite fitness-related things! Comanche Lookout Park I’ve mentioned my local hiking/running trails ad nauseum in the past. They’re accessed from the same parking … Continue reading

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Real Food, Fake Food, by Larry Olmsted (audio)

Subtitled: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It Let me start by saying what this book isn’t. This is not about so-called Frankenfoods. It’s not about Lucky Charms or Velveeta or Pepsi. When … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #46: Square One(ish)

Coming home has been interesting. The two weeks away helped to bring forward a number of new revelations. First, I noticed just how much more active I was in Texas than I am at home. I’m much more sedentary here. … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #44: A funny thing happened on the way to circuit training…

February. Circuit training. That was The Big Plan. I had it all worked out. Half an hour alternating minute by minute between strength training and cardio, designed to be a full body workout. It was a good design, but as … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #39: Medication

My brain is obviously not working too well these days. I’ve had a lot of biochemical changes over the last three years. I went from a place of a healthy weight and great blood stats, to suddenly rising insulin and … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #36 – Goals

One of the hardest things in my current wellness journey is conflict of differing goals. Prioritizing them is difficult, but generally, this is where I’m at. 1. First and foremost, I want to be able to sleep well. Insomnia is … Continue reading

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