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Wellness Wednesday – Ozempic

**Let me preface the following post by saying that 1) I do not have diabetes, pre-diabetes, or high blood sugar; and 2) I have PCOS, which is a hormonal imbalance that usually includes insulin resistance regardless of blood sugar levels … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Underwater Body Analysis

Have y’all heard of underwater body analysis? Basically, it’s a test where they use water displacement and other measures to determine body fat percentage, lean mass, resting metabolic rate, etc. It’s the “gold standard” of body composition analysis, second only … Continue reading

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WW: The F*ck It Diet, by Caroline Dooner (audio)

Subtitled: Eating Should Be Easy First, let me say that this is not a diet book despite the title. This is a book about the way diets affect metabolism and body set point ranges and mental health, coupled with reasons … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Carb Diaries, Part 2

Back in early March, I bit the bullet and increased my daily carb intake from around 35% to over 50%. It was the first time I’d eaten that many carbs on a regular basis in about seven years, since a … Continue reading

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211 Days

November 5th to June 4th – seven months – 211 days. November 5th was my last binge. I made it to 100 days on February 13th, and it was the longest I’d gone without a binge since I began binge-eating … Continue reading

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May 2019 in Review

Hello! I’m still on break, but I wanted to pop in for my monthly review, particularly because May turned out to be a fairly good month! Tons happened, and almost all of it (except for one particular medical scare from … Continue reading

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April 2019 in Review

It has been a very busy month for us. As a senior in high school, Morrigan has had event after event after event this month, and beyond that, we’ve been pushing hard to finish our front yard after 14 months … Continue reading

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