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Sunday Coffee – Goodbye October, Hello November!

October was a pretty crazy month. There are some things going on that are behind the scenes, so to speak, and can’t be spoken about here on the blog. Those are causing (lots and lots of) stress. Additionally, we spent … Continue reading

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Calling Beta Readers

Just a quick post today. I’m looking for beta-readers for a couple of my manuscripts (Maldralith, Summer Rain, Phantom). Descriptions of these three novels are listed on my Writing page, but in general, they are (respectively) a fantasy that is … Continue reading

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Travelogue Part III: Goals and Crafties

When we go on longer vacations, I tend to make mini-goals for myself, just as a way to keep myself on track. A little. I knew there would be some down-time on this vacation and I didn’t want to spend … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Something New

It’s been about a month or so since I finished my last manuscript, Maldralith, and I think it’s time to settle on a new project for the summer. I have a few possibilities picked out. Three are a little more … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – End

A long, long, LONG time ago (2006? 2007?), I got this vague idea in my head for a novel. Several different sources went into this idea, but for a good many years, the whole thing was too vague to plan … Continue reading

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So Many Books, So Little Time

Recently, I was out driving, listening to music, when a little light-bulb popped up over my head. I’ve had an idea in my head for a novel for probably a decade now, just the rough bones, no real development. It’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Energy!

I mentioned this past Wednesday that my new medicine has helped to regulate my body to a certain degree. I no longer feel like I’m fighting my body all the time. One major side benefit I didn’t realize would come … Continue reading

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