Years ago, I began running as part of my journey to lose weight. For several years, it was an integral part of my life. I lost weight, yes. I also grew to love running along the way. Though I was never a terribly consistent or fast runner, some of my fondest memories of that time revolve around running (events, groups, goals, etc). When my family moved to Boston in 2014, I gave up the sport completely, and my attempts to get back into it over the years have been sporadic at best. However, one of my big goals is to return to the sport and regain my love of running. Hopefully re-losing weight in the process, ha!

A couple of quick links:

– to run a full mile – COMPLETE! 9/12/19
– to run a full mile (not downhill)
– to finish C25K indoors
– to finish C25K outdoors
– to run a full 5K
– to run a sub-37:12 (12:00/mi) 5K
– to run a sub-31:00 5K (10:00-min-mile pace)
– to run a sub-30:00 5K
– to run a 10K
– to participate in a mud/obstacle run
– to fill out my running bingo card (above)

Official Events (post-Aug 2017):
Pajama Run 5K – 9/30/18 – 54:10 (walk/run)
Rape Crisis Center 0.5K – 10/27/18 – untimed (ha!)
Run for Mom “5K” (4.3K) – 11/10/18 – 51:31 (walk)
Elf Run 5K – 12/16/18 – 54:07 (walk)
Elf Run 5K – 12/15/19 – 51:45 (walk/run)

Upcoming Events:
Chocoholic Frolic 5K – 2/23/20

Current Stats:
Note that these stats are for after weight-regain and the end of nomadic life for my family (Aug 2017). They don’t include lifetime personal records unless specified.

1 mile
1st: ~16:51 – 9/12/19 – Comanche Lookout Park (mostly downhill)
PR: ~15:54 – 9/15/19 – Comanche Lookout Park (mostly downhill)

1st (walk/run): 54:10 – 9/30/18 – Pajama Run 5K
1st (full run): n/a
PR: 51:45 – 12/15/19 – Elf Run 5K (walk/run)
Lifetime PR: 33:43 – 8/29/13 – school block (training)

1st: n/a
PR: n/a
Lifetime PR: ~1:22:01 – 1/12/13 – Salado Creek (during the Half-Sparkathon)

Last updated: 1/8/20