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Wellness Wednesday – Sugar Hangover

I mentioned in my post on Monday that I went to the movies with Jason and Laurence on Saturday night. We saw Darkest Hour – which was excellent, by the way – and had a good night. Perhaps a little … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Up and Down and Up Again

The first week of 2018 has been a wild ride. It started off pretty good. My brother came over to hang out on Monday, and my writing group met up on Wednesday evening (including one friend that I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Small Changes, Big Results

In December, I experienced a couple remarkable things, both as a result of small changes. Sugar The first of these came in nutritional form. I’ve mentioned a few times over the last month about how calorie-counting was just not going … Continue reading

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WW: The Case Against Sugar, by Gary Taubes (audio)

A personal history: I grew up in the low-fat high-carb era. As an example, my mom made Kraft mac and cheese with just the noodles, cheese packet, and a bit of skim milk, because the butter the box called for … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Depression and Weight

For years, I’ve noticed a longterm trend with my weight as related to moods. When I’m depressed and have low energy, I either gain or can’t lose weight. When I’m happy and have high energy, I lose easily. Those seem … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – The Problem With Calories

Whether or not it’s an easy thing to do, the generally accepted theory of weight loss is that the calculations are simple: eat less than you burn and you’ll lose. Calories in vs calories out and all that jazz. While … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – The Difference a Decade Makes

A few weeks ago, I looked back through an old journal from November 2007. I was looking for something particular – a doctor’s name – and didn’t find what I was searching for. Instead, I found many pages and passages … Continue reading

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