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All Our Hidden Gifts, by Caroline O’Donoghue

Maeve is a bit of an outcast at school, trying desperately to fit in by any means necessary, even if that means cutting out older, un-cool friends like Lily. Her most recent stunt comes when she discovers a contraband pack … Continue reading

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Quarantine Diaries – Weeks 55 and 56

Still sitting in equilibrium here in SA. There’s been little news or developments, and we’re in a race against this disease with vaccines now… Week 55 – March 26 to April 1 205,777 cases, 3,152 deaths, 190 seven-day rolling average … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Searching for Clarity

CW: mental health, anxiety, disordered thinking/behavior. There is something I’ve needed to do for a very long time, but haven’t yet been able to do. I need to, and I even want to, yet every day I put it off … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Grief and Identity

Most people have heard of the five stages of grief, and by now many people know that these stages aren’t exclusive, linear, or clear-cut. I, for example, never really do much with the bargaining stage, but bounce between denial and … Continue reading

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The Death of Mrs. Westaway, by Ruth Ware

Hal is struggling to get by in the years after her mother’s death, reading tarot cards for tourists and dodging loan sharks who want their money repaid. When the notice of her supposed grandmother’s death arrives, with promises of potential … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Another House Update

When your house is ripped apart and coming back together slowly, your world eventually sharpens until that work, the last stages of it, becomes all you can do and think about. You just want it to be over and done … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Fight, Flight, Freeze

Not long after my sixteenth birthday, my mom moved us to a new house across town. My sophomore year wasn’t quite over, and it was a big upheaval that I dreaded. Part of moving in was to bring all our … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Putting 2016 Behind Me

Let me start my first post of the year by joining my voice to the many shouts of HURRAH that 2016 is finally over. Woohoo! Yay for the first day of the new year! Have you heard the superstition that … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #40: One Word for 2017

Awhile back, I mentioned the possibility of making Discipline my one-word for 2017. In many ways, it would be a good word for me, as I want to redevelop lost healthy habits and establish strong routines. As the new year approaches, … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Looking Back on My 2016 Goals

It’s that time of year – time to look back on the year’s goals and look forward toward the new year’s goals. It’s the time of year I think of as being represented by the Judgement card in tarot: a … Continue reading

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