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Sunday Coffee – New Goals

This year has been a weird one. I made goals for myself back in December, only to immediately have a bunch of them thwarted when an MRI revealed that I had a broken foot and thus I couldn’t really exercise … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #53: Happiness Jar

Back in 2012 or 2013, I first heard of the “happiness jar.” You get a glass jar or other container and use it to hold slips of paper on which you write down things that make you happy throughout the … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #51: Well THAT didn’t work…

Back in March, I happened upon an app in the app store that purported to be a food photo journal. This app was Weight Tracker Pro, and as I said in my review two weeks ago, the actual app ended … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #48: First Quarter Fitness Test

Alright. It’s time. My goal was to test my strength quarterly, using a specific test that I’ve done a half-dozen times since 2013. So on Sunday, I got down to business, and here are the results. (Spoiler – I improved … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – First Quarter Goal Check-in

When I posted my goals for 2017, I said I’d check in quarterly. I imagine these check-ins are more for my own benefit than that of my readers, so I’ll try to keep things brief! (Yeah right, Manda…how about I … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #47: April Challenge

As far as food and fitness challenges go for me, February and March were a bust. I didn’t even bother to make challenges for March. There was just too much going on between vacation, two medicine changes, a major health … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #43: February Challenge

Per my 2017 goals, I’m going to assign myself one fitness and one nutrition-based challenge each month. This is how January went, and what I plan to do for February. Nutrition: My goal for January was to most eliminate flour … Continue reading

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