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July in Review

July was a month of crazy-busy. Summer school, study abroad, four birthdays, extreme heat (over 105 many days), and the beginning of band camp. The insurance didn’t approve our house claim until late in the month, so construction didn’t start until … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – 26

A year ago, my family was struggling to survive after Jason had lost his job. We were stressed, tired, and eating the cheapest of crap foods from the grocery store. I had terrible heartburn from all the junk food, and … Continue reading

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June in Review

The month started with a bang: Going to Houston to visit my uncle (who has late-stage cancer). Discovering that our roofers several months ago not only didn’t do the job we paid them to do, but their negligence caused about … Continue reading

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Goal Clothes

So it’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with LuLaRoe, and that I have weight loss goals. I decided to combine those two together! It’s been awhile since I made goal outfits of any kind, but recently I did that. … Continue reading

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Journey Before Destination

In Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, there’s an oath that certain people take while obtaining specific abilities. The plot isn’t important, just the oath: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. There are many ways to interpret these small … Continue reading

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May in Review

Please note: Last night I got the news that my uncle has advanced cancer with liver and kidney failure. There’s a very strong probability that he won’t make it longer than a few more days. I’m heading to Houston to … Continue reading

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Personal Yoga Challenge

For the last four years, Yoga With Adriene has put out a month-long daily yoga challenge in January. Each day builds on the previous one, with cohesive themes throughout and a good alternation of stretching, strengthening, and calming days. During … Continue reading

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