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Wellness Wednesday – Why I Adore LuLaRoe

I posted about my first LuLaRoe order a few weeks ago. In that post, I talked about going overboard on buying their clothes, from multiple retailers. Then on the 3rd, I went to my first in-person LLR party, which allowed … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – A Reminder

April 2012 – Cozumel, Mexico – 185 lbs (the line between overweight and obese for my height). Jason took this picture of me. I’d been so happy about my progress – down 75 lbs – but I hated this picture … Continue reading

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Last week, I attended my first online LuLaRoe party. I’ve been interested in LLR for a few years but had never moved from interest to action. Now that I did so, I probably bought WAY too much, but there’s something … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – A Look at Up Til Now

Hello everyone! As it’s a new year and (hopefully) the beginning of a new journey for me, I wanted to go back over a bit of my history up to this point. Those of you who have known me for … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – The Difference a Decade Makes

A few weeks ago, I looked back through an old journal from November 2007. I was looking for something particular – a doctor’s name – and didn’t find what I was searching for. Instead, I found many pages and passages … Continue reading

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Mrs. Fletcher, by Tom Perrotta

Eve Fletcher is a divorced single mom whose only son has just gone off to his freshman year of college. As she struggles with empty nest syndrome, she finds herself addicted to internet smut, while simultaneously taking a class in … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #52: Every Body Yoga

Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley is a book that tackles body image, the fundamentals of yoga, the history of yoga, and much more. I’m not writing a full review of this book because I didn’t read the entire thing. … Continue reading

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