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Sunday Coffee – MRI and Sleep Rx

A couple health updates today. First, that brain MRI. Apparently the substitute doctor I saw had written up the order but never submitted it. So my doctor submitted it. Within two days, the MRI was approved by my insurance, and I … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Well ebay sucks now…

It’s been maybe 5-6 years since I’ve used ebay, and even then, I’d hardly used it since the mid-2000s. I decided to dig up my account, though, to sell off some stuff. I had about 40 items to sell and … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Let the Christmas season begin!

I love Christmas. It’s probably my favorite time of year, edging out Halloween just slightly. Christmas begins for us the day after Thanksgiving, and continues full-steam through the end of the year. We have our gifts planned and mostly bought, … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Thanksgivings

I have a very large extended family and we don’t do things by halves. Thanksgiving is one of our tamer holidays in that there’s only two to three celebrations each year. This year, it was two. The first always takes … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Quick, Slow

This week I skim-read through a book called Girls of Paper and Fire. I’m not a speed-reader, so when I skim-read, it’s mostly skipping through bits and catching on to important stuff along the way. The book is 380 pages, … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Rearranging (again)

Do you ever feel as if a room, arranged a certain way, can automatically make you feel more calm and peaceful? I spend a lot of time carefully arranging furniture in order to make my spaces feel like home. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – The Great Kitty Escape (and more)

It has been one crazy week! It started with a nightmare night where the cats apparently popped out a screen window and escaped. I doubt it was intentional – the window they went through is one where Jojo often hunts … Continue reading

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