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Sunday Coffee – Ghost Stories

Audible has started giving away two of its Original productions to members each month. This month, I picked a nonfiction listen for November, and a short ghost story for RIP. The audio was just over half an hour long, so … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – No Real Autumn

They say that San Antonio had the wettest September on record this year. August and September are often times of sudden rains/floods here, after months of drought through the summer. But this September, we broke the record for most rain … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Catching Up

Trying to catch my breath on this last day of the month. I’m leaving for a 5K shortly – my first 5K in 2.5 years! – so this will be brief and a bit scattered! [Qualifier for the rest of … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Updates

Oy. This week has been a roller coaster. I’m not really back to the blog yet, but I needed a place to update everything that has happened, so here goes (warning – long): 9/1: Sewer pipe backed up, but we … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – The house is done!!!

As I mentioned last Sunday, the downstairs portion of the house finished about a week ago. The bathrooms gave us a lot of trouble (more below), but now, hallelujah, the house is DONE!!!** Kitchen: Ignore the open space by the … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Back to School!

This photo doesn’t begin to show just how happy I am for school to start again and my routine to go back to normal!!!!!!!! (Also, never mind my obvious fatigue. Insomnia sucks.) I wish I could say that I’m also … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – This Week in the Gignacery

Lots going on, thought I’d give snippet updates. 1 – Morrigan developed shin splints at the end of last week in marching band. They were so bad that he couldn’t even walk up the stairs alone. My aunt Mary, who’s … Continue reading

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