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A Twist of Fate, by Kelley Armstrong (audio)

Four years ago, Rosalind accidentally stepped through a time-slip and ended up in the 21st century, leaving behind her husband and infant son. When she finally manages to return to her own time, she doesn’t know what to expect. Does … Continue reading

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Callback: What Alice Forgot

I first read What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty in 2019, and my original review is at that link. It’s a full review, spoiler-free, so if you’re looking for that, head back there. In 2019, I read and reread What … Continue reading

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Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson (audio)

I’m not going to write up a summary of this. For one, it’s WAY too complicated. For another, it wouldn’t make any sense to people who haven’t read earlier books, and would spoil earlier books besides. Let me start by … Continue reading

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The Hand on the Wall, by Maureen Johnson (audio)

Note: This is the third and final book of the Truly Devious series, following Truly Devious and The Vanishing Stair. This review will contain spoilers for books 1 and 2 but not for The Hand on the Wall. From Goodreads: … Continue reading

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What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty

When Alice wakes up from a fall and knock on the head, she doesn’t know where she is or what’s happening. In her mind, she’s 29, in love with her husband, and a few months into her first pregnancy. In … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Stair, by Maureen Johnson (audio)

This is the much-anticipated (by me) sequel to Truly Devious, and so I won’t say anything about the plot and give things away for the first book. This is a double mystery, after all! When I read Truly Devious last … Continue reading

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Truly Devious, by Maureen Johnson (audio)

Eighty years ago, there was a kidnapping and murder at the Ellingham Academy, a special school for individual learning in Vermont. Stevie Bell, a new student at Ellingham, is determined to solve the cold case. Then a new mystery arises, … Continue reading

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman (audio)

Eleanor Oliphant is a peculiar woman. She has little to no social skills, she speaks so precisely that it borders on absurd, and she is completely detached from emotion. Around her thirtieth birthday, life begins to change. She and a … Continue reading

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Oathbringer, by Brandon Sanderson (audio)

Since this book is third in a ten-book series and is over 1200 pages long, a synopsis would pretty much be the size of a full review. I’ll just skip it, and if you’re interested in one, GoodReads has a tidy … Continue reading

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The Empty Grave, by Jonathan Stroud (audio)

As this is the fifth book in the Lockwood & Co series, any description would necessarily give away series spoilers, and I don’t want to do that. Instead I’ll do my best to sing this book’s praises – and the … Continue reading

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