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Wellness Wednesday – Out of the Nightmares

It has certainly been easier to breathe over the last week. Helps me to know for certain that I made the right choice (withdrawing from school) last Wednesday. And contrary to the last few weeks of doom and gloom, things … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Nightmares

What a week! I already spoke about some of the stuff happening this week (construction, etc), but MAN it ended up being a Week on top of that. First, let me say that I am NOT cut out for school. … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Avalanche

The last few weeks have been difficult. I’m struggling. 1: PTSD. In late August and early September 2014, I went through some of the worst moments of my life. I’ve worked very hard to work through the trauma of those … Continue reading

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First Week of School, and a Note on Perspective

Warning: Long. Today, I begin the second week of this eight-week term at SNHU. I have no plans to do a weekly roundup or anything like that, but since this is my first week at school since leaving UH back … Continue reading

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August 2020 in Review

Oh August, how I despise you. Honestly, it wasn’t really too bad this year, but August every year is tough. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had depression issues in August – perhaps because it’s triple-digit heat most of … Continue reading

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Into the land of the unknown he goes…

Supposedly, KU still plans to open to students for fall. Morrigan has an appointment to move into his dorm tomorrow morning. He and Jason left for Kansas just a bit ago. There are all sorts of measures supposedly in place … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Back to school, for me this time

I despise the University of Houston. I chose to attend there for all the wrong reasons (fear, mostly, which kept me away from the school I really wanted to attend, USC), and I regretted it even before I began. I … Continue reading

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