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Sunday Coffee – Life in Photos

I tire of those memes that show up talking about how we’re all addicted to phones and so we’re not actually paying attention to the world around us. Looking at our phones does not mean we’re not engaging in the … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Eighteen Years

My oldest son turns 17 today (happy birthday, Morrigan!), which means that I’ve spent nearly 18 years as a mother (including pregnancy time). You learn a lot about yourself and about motherhood in that number of years. Here are a … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – New Goals

This year has been a weird one. I made goals for myself back in December, only to immediately have a bunch of them thwarted when an MRI revealed that I had a broken foot and thus I couldn’t really exercise … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Settling In (Again)

It’s taken me much longer than usual to get settled into this house (unpacked, furniture arranged, decorations up, etc). Usually that’s a three-to-five day job. It’s just such a relief to get everything out of boxes and to know where … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – And After a Year…

Two weeks after our ill-fated move to Wisconsin last summer, my nephew Rory was born. September 9th, 2016. And of course, I was too far away to meet him in person, and too broke to travel back for a visit … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Turning Point

As I mentioned last week, the turning point of the summer came on July 31st. Three major things happened that day. First, I got a call about a job I’d applied and interviewed for at CVS and was offered the … Continue reading

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Basement – Before and After

Back in April, when we began our basement remodel, we began with an eye toward putting our house on the market by the end of the summer. It takes time for houses to sell in this rural an area, and … Continue reading

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