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Sunday Coffee – Break

Over the last couple months, especially this last month, I’ve had less time to spend on blog-stuff, and less motivation to go along with it. This has only increased as we’ve started remodeling our basement. With the boys getting out … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday #54: Mini-Retreat

So you may have noticed that the blog went dark for the last week. There were two reasons for this – one good, one bad. To get the bad one out of the way first, we had a tornado last … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Happy Mother’s Day!

Morning to you all! I had a rough night – family emergency that’s now over and well but which resulted in very little sleep – so I’m once again keeping my Sunday post short. Hopefully there’s a nap or three … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Let the Remodel Begin

When we bought this house last fall, it was billed as having a “partially-finished” basement. This is probably accurate, though unclear. “Partially-finished” seems to indicate that some sections aren’t really all that usable, and that wasn’t the case here. The … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – To Post or Not to Post

A bit over a week ago, I drafted a post. It was complete misery. When it came time to post, I deleted it instead. I’ve done this a bunch of times over the last three years. It comes down to … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – First Quarter Goal Check-in

When I posted my goals for 2017, I said I’d check in quarterly. I imagine these check-ins are more for my own benefit than that of my readers, so I’ll try to keep things brief! (Yeah right, Manda…how about I … Continue reading

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The Nimi Settles In

It’s been about six weeks now since Nimi joined our family. She has been an absolute delight and a fantastic addition to our household. She’s sweet, cuddly, affectionate, smart and devilishly determined to get her own way. While not an … Continue reading

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