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July 2019 in Review

July was an exercise in endurance for my family. Not only did we have the last of the surgeries and weeks of scattershot happenings, but we got a few unpleasant surprises that have altered the course of at least this … Continue reading

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Unpopular Opinions

Back in my early days of blogging (2008!), I wrote up a tiny post that just said one thing: Confession: I think Colin Firth is U-G-L-Y. It was my first blog experience with negative confessions and unpopular opinions, and thankfully … Continue reading

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June 2019 in Review

June has been my family’s busiest month so far in 2019. We had two surgeries, a graduation, two parties that we hosted and another that we attended, college orientation, summer school, Jason changing to a different team at work, Jason’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Random Thoughts on an Early Morning

-I don’t like being a single mom – though it’s easier with only two kids, kids old enough to mostly look after themselves – and I’m really glad Jason and Morrigan are home from college orientation. -I’m also glad that … Continue reading

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May 2019 in Review

Hello! I’m still on break, but I wanted to pop in for my monthly review, particularly because May turned out to be a fairly good month! Tons happened, and almost all of it (except for one particular medical scare from … Continue reading

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April 2019 in Review

It has been a very busy month for us. As a senior in high school, Morrigan has had event after event after event this month, and beyond that, we’ve been pushing hard to finish our front yard after 14 months … Continue reading

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A Summing Up of March Titles

I did a lot of skim-reading in March. I don’t usually write reviews of skim-read books, and I don’t include them as part of my year’s reading list. However, because I haven’t finished a non-skim-read book since February, I decided … Continue reading

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