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May 2019 in Review

Hello! I’m still on break, but I wanted to pop in for my monthly review, particularly because May turned out to be a fairly good month! Tons happened, and almost all of it (except for one particular medical scare from … Continue reading

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April 2019 in Review

It has been a very busy month for us. As a senior in high school, Morrigan has had event after event after event this month, and beyond that, we’ve been pushing hard to finish our front yard after 14 months … Continue reading

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A Summing Up of March Titles

I did a lot of skim-reading in March. I don’t usually write reviews of skim-read books, and I don’t include them as part of my year’s reading list. However, because I haven’t finished a non-skim-read book since February, I decided … Continue reading

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March 2019 in Review

I really struggled this March. The beginning of the month was great, but around mid-month, my health problems reached a crisis point and my mental health took a nosedive. It’s difficult to keep your spirits up when you’re practically on … Continue reading

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February 2019 in Review

It’s my birthday today! I’m officially 40 years old, the age I’ve felt since I was something like twelve years old. Heh. Of course, I wish I didn’t wake up at 3:30 with major insomnia on my birthday, but hey. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Lesser-Known Books

I think I’ve done a similar topic to this in the past, but since these lesser-known books get so little attention, I don’t mind spotlighting them again. The full topic for today’s list is “books I loved with fewer than … Continue reading

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11 Facts for 11 Years

Eleven years ago today, I wrote my first book review. My first blog was born. I’ve changed blogs several times since then, but have carried those reviews along with me ever since, and I still celebrate Feb 15th as my … Continue reading

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