Books on My Rest-of-2022 TBR Pile

Every year, I make a list of books to read or cull throughout that year, a list of book priorities, so to speak. They consist both of books that will be published during the year that I’m really looking forward to, books that have been sitting on my TBR (virtual, physical, or audio queue) for longer than they should, or books categorized under my “to investigate” list. In 2022, I had 24 books on that list, and currently have three remaining. Of the other 21, there were 13 read, 7 culled, and 1 abandoned book – a much higher success rate than most years! In the meantime, I’ve grown a small but not overwhelming new TBR list for the second half of 2022, which is also a better positive result compared to most years (where I’ve had 40+ to go through by this time, and feel entirely overwhelmed.

Remaining on my original list are Miss Moriarty, I Presume (saving for RIP season), The Gifts That Bind Us (just released, I’m first on the hold list), and The Lost Metal (publishes in November). To add to that, I have:

Physical Owned Books

  • You’re Invited – Amanda Jayatissa: BotM book, currently reading
  • The Stardust Thief – Chelsea Abdullah: BotM book
  • Darling Girl – Liz Michalski: BotM book
  • Community Cats – Anne Beall: nonfiction, a gift from J
  • Cain’s Jawbone (?) – Torquemada: a puzzle book that may not be readable in the traditional sense, hence the ?
  • Haunted History of Old San Antonio – Swartz & Swartz: nonfiction, saving for RIP

Audible Queue

  • The Groves – JV Lyon: honestly don’t even know how this got into my queue, must’ve been free at some point?

Library Books/Holds

  • Air Plants – Zenaida Sengo: nonfiction, currently at my home
  • Ride With Me – Lucy Keating: to investigate
  • The Clackity – Lora Senf: might keep for RIP if it doesn’t come for awhile (still on order)
  • Ordinary Monsters – JM Miro: probably should keep for RIP but we’ll see
  • The It Girl – Ruth Ware: same
  • The House Across the Lake – Riley Sager: same

Other Virtual TBR/To-Investigate

  • The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning – Margareta Magnusson: nonfiction, saving for RIP
  • Suddenly Psychic – Elizabeth Hunter: to investigate
  • Teeth in the Mist – Dawn Kurtagich: to investigate, might save for RIP
  • A Turn of the Tide – Kelley Armstrong: publishes in October, pre-ordered audio
  • The Ink Black Heart – Robert Galbraith (?): I hated the last book and I despise the author and I’m very, very conflicted about this book so I don’t really know…

Altogether, that’s 21 books – 3 from the original list and 18 new. And as you can tell, a lot of these have been percolating for the RIP season, so I’ve purposely kept from reading (or even trying) them before now.

Have you read any of these? Any thoughts on good/bad/not worth it?


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