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Readathon: The Selection, by Kiera Cass

America Singer is perfectly fine with her life. Sure, her family isn’t rich or part of an upper caste, but the love of her life lives next door, and she’s happy with the profession she’s assigned by society. Then she … Continue reading

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Readathon: The Trouble With Destiny, by Lauren Morrill

Liza is determined. As the drum major for her band in a school where music funding is about to get severely cut, she needs to find a way to save the program. Enter the Destiny cruise, where high school performers … Continue reading

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Readathon: Folk Tales

During the Readathon, I read two collections of folk tales. The first, Nine Magic Pea-Hens, is a collection of 35 Serbian folk tales collected by Vuk Karadzic. The second, Alexander and the Golden Bird, is a set of 19 Danish … Continue reading

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Readathon: This is Where it Ends, by Marieke Nijkamp

In Opportunity, Alabama, Tyler Browne walks into his former high school on the first day of the spring semester. Most of the student population is in the auditorium for the welcome speech, and Tyler has locked everyone in. He has … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Spring Readathon Wrap-Up

Well, peeps, I made it. Sixteen hours of reading and bookstuff in the last 24 hours. Five books and 1123 pages. One hour of audio. Forty-five minutes of exercise. Six cups of coffee. Seven hours of sleep. Two very puffy, kinda leaky eyes. Yesterday’s post sums up … Continue reading

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Readathon: April 2016

It’s here! Readathon time! This is my first full-on participation in Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon in YEARS and I’m very excited to be here. I checked myself into a hotel for the weekend (woohoo!) and I’m soaking up glorious alone time … Continue reading

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Readathon: Elena Vanishing, by Elena and Clare Dunkle

Elena Dunkle developed anorexia as a teenager. This memoir, written with the help of her mother, Clare Dunkle, discusses her struggles with the disorder and her attempts to recover from it. Recovery is a path, not a destination. I haven’t … Continue reading

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