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Strange Planet, by Nathan Pyle

I think most people will recognize the cover art of this book – if not the specific picture, then the style of it. Strange Planet (the comic) has been around quite some time, though I’m not sure of specifics. All … Continue reading

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Review: Empty Faces

Back in October, Jason and I saw an ad for Empty Faces, a paranormal serial story package. The basic premise goes like this: Each month for the duration of the story, you get a box that contains clues that you … Continue reading

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Pantsuit Nation, by Libby Chamberlain

Note: While I’ve listed Libby Chamberlain as the author, she’s actually the editor of this book and the person who put it all together. The content of the book is from many different individual sources. Not long before the 2016 … Continue reading

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Strong is the New Pretty, by Kate Parker

Subtitled: A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves This photo-journal is a collection of girls of all ages exhibiting all sorts of strength: confidence, kindness, independence, creativity, and more. I was drawn to the book during my mini-retreat to Minneapolis a … Continue reading

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Arcanum Unbounded, by Brandon Sanderson (audio)

Subtitled: The Cosmere Collection – Fiction From the Worlds of the Cosmere This collection of stories and novellas all take place in the giant world of Cosmere that ties many of Brandon Sanderson’s books together. The collection contains a number … Continue reading

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Shadows for Silence (collection), by Brandon Sanderson (audio)

This audio collection contains two novellas by Brandon Sanderson. Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Silence is the owner and proprietor of a safe way-stop in the Forests of Hell, where Shades are attracted to movement, noise, and … Continue reading

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The Selection: Stories, by Kiera Cass

Not much to say about this collection. The book consisted of two stories – “The Prince” and “The Guard” – which went through a few events of the original Selection trilogy from the point of view of other characters. Namely, … Continue reading

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