Strange Planet, by Nathan Pyle

I think most people will recognize the cover art of this book – if not the specific picture, then the style of it. Strange Planet (the comic) has been around quite some time, though I’m not sure of specifics. All I know is that I’ve seen it around quite a bit over the years, and then at some point I began following the artist to get the new comics, and then I put a copy of the book on hold as at my library as soon as it published. Two of my sons follow the artist as well and were excited about the book (temporarily) coming home.

Okay. So there’s really not much I can say about the book. It’s a collection, and I’m terrible at reviewing collections. Really, if you like the online comic, then this is more of the same, so you can read a bunch all at once. It was relatively short (so I never got tired of reading through it, as I can do with some comic collections), and enjoyable all the way through.

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