Every year I make new goals for myself. Below are my goals for the current year, as well as my progress on them.

2020 Goals

Umbrella: Career
This year, I’ll take the first steps toward eventually getting my library degree. They include:

  • Volunteer regularly at my local library
  • Apply to SNHU, including discussing transfer credits etc with admissions counselors
  • Create a plan to finish my undergrad degree as quickly as possible
  • Enroll in classes in the fall

Umbrella: Writing
Though I no longer want a career as a writer/author, the act of writing itself is important to my mental health, social life, creativity, and spiritual wellbeing. I began to write again two months ago, and I’d like that to continue, increase, improve, and eventually become consistent again. My goal is to start by setting aside one hour three times per week to write – ONLY write – and build from there. Other possible steps to help include:

  • Continue weekly writing sessions with my cousin Jen, when her schedule permits
  • Create or join a local writing group
  • Participate in the InSANowrimo facebook group during the NaNoWriMo off-season
  • Use the Comic Sans method of writing quickly, if necessary
  • Participate in the NaNo Prep in October, including at least one in-person meetup
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo in November, including at least one in-person write-in
  • If writing at home regularly continues to fail, write at the local library instead

Umbrella: Finances
In November and December, Jason and I took some major steps toward improving our financial situation. We took out a (legitimate) consolidation loan to pay off our credits cards, and that loan will be repaid in three years (max – can be earlier). We also downsized to a smaller, cheaper home that will greatly help us balance our budget and get out of debt quickly once our previous house sells. Our goals for the upcoming year are to:

  • Sell our previous house
  • Rebalance our budget with the new numbers, reevaluating regularly
  • Put any tax refunds, work bonuses, etc toward debts, starting with the highest-interest debts and working our way through
  • Pay off more of the consolidation loan than the minimum for the year
  • Design and stick to monthly personal allowances for extras and off-budget purchases
  • Do not use the credit cards at all!!

Umbrella: Health
As you might imagine, this is the Big One of 2020. I’m stick and tired of cycling within the same five pounds. I’m sick of struggling with clothes, with doctors, with body image issues, with the limitations linked to my size and weight. I’m also sick of excuses – no matter how valid they might be. I want to end 2020 significantly healthier than I’m beginning it. This includes:

1) Lose 20+ lbs. Preferably 35+ and ideally 50+ lbs, but I’m going more for sustainable loss and I know my body will fight me every step of the way. My minimum goal is definitely attainable, though, and I will fight to reach at least that level. I have some ideas about a personal “20-20 in 2020” fun challenge with rewards to help me along. More on this in a future post.

2) Become a runner again. This is the Big One of the Big Ones! I miss running, run-events, making and beating distance/time goals, keeping a run journal, and all the rest. I’ve made myself a running vision board (more later) and an event bingo board (ditto) to help motivate me, and I’m throwing myself headlong into this transformation. If I had a one-word for 2020, it would be “Run.” Specific steps along the way include: completing C25K indoors, then outdoors; running 2-3x per week; cross-training in strength and yoga to prevent injury; and foam-rolling on a regular basis.

3) Improve my diet. I did really well on this before 2015 and the backsliding is real, y’all. While I don’t aim to do all these things at once, I’d like to eventually: decrease coffee to one cup per day; cut alcohol (altogether or to very rare special occasions); decrease sugar consumption (a LOT); increase produce intake (a LOT); bring water intake back to 10+ cups daily; and loosely track calories to keep myself in balance.

Other general steps to improve my health in 2020 include:

  • Avoid screens after 9pm to improve sleep
  • Take magnesium citrate regularly
  • Track healthy habits over time
  • Exercise consistently (not just running-related)
  • Continue with social fitness like my hiking group
  • Blood donations to decrease iron levels

Other possible smaller goals for 2020 include:

  • Go on a vacation!!
  • Meet up with an old friend (or three)
  • Start or join a book club
  • Read/cull the books on my 2020 Book Priorities list
  • Get one of the tattoos I’ve wanted for years!

Last updated 1/1/20