Longterm Goals

2022 Goals

2022 feels like a take-charge kind of year.

Physical Health
I lost a lot of fitness this past year. Combined with the weight gain of 2021 and late 2020, my body is not in good shape. The millions of medical procedures and visits didn’t help. So while yes, I will be trying to lose the weight I gained in 2021, my primary focus will be on regaining strength, cardiovascular fitness, and general physical health, regardless of the number on the scale.

  • Work with my doctors to get my inflammation under control and my RA in remission as much as possible
  • Focus nutrition on three main points:
    • cutting back added sugar, preferably to under ~1 oz (28g) daily
    • making sure my fiber is high enough (25+ grams/day)
    • increasing produce intake (3+ servings/day)
  • Search for a registered dietitian who follows HAES principles to work toward better nutritional health
  • Complete all of Adriene’s 30-day yoga programs, plus the new videos she posts throughout 2022, for ~250 yoga throughout the year
  • Complete 30+ nonstop pushups (if wrist allows)
  • Participate in at least two in-person 5Ks
  • Complete 500 miles: walk, run, hike, or elliptical (1 mile = 15 mins on elliptical)
  • Bonus: Begin training for a half marathon (to take place around spring 2023)
  • Bonus: I would absolutely love to start running again in 2022

Progress: As a note, obstructive sleep apnea developed in December is severely affecting my ability to tackle these goals and evaluate symptoms like inflammation/pain. 1) I started Enbrel for RA in Jan, being moved to a new infusion medicine to see if that works better as soon as the insurance issues are finalized. 2) I’ve met with a dietitian that I really like, but she left the practice so I’m starting over. 3) I’ve had to cut way back on yoga due to side effects from Enbrel, so this goal needs to be modified. 4) Only 82 miles as of 4/3, at which point an injury put me out for the rest of April, sigh, and life took over in May, so I’m currently only at 84. (6/1)

From my 50×50 Goals
So far, I’ve gone at these goals in a haphazard, lackadaisical way, so I chose a handful to complete this year in addition to those that might happen to be completed.

  • go bowling
  • go through an escape room – done
  • shop at a farmer’s market
  • play badminton
  • paint your pet night – done

Progress: Escape Room done on 5/8; PYP for Nimi done on 5/26; I did finish another one from the 50×50 list – finishing my hiking bingo! (6/1)

Despite my culling project this fall, my unread TBR remains way too high. This is due to a combination of 1) listening to podcasts instead of audiobooks, 2) less walking/exercise that allows for listening time, and 3) WAY too much time binge-watching TV instead of reading. My goals are to reverse all of this – prioritize reading over TV, get in more longer listening sessions, prioritize audiobooks over podcasts. There are 24 books on my Book Priorities list in 2022, and the plan is to read or cull all of them without growing a giant secondary TBR pile at the same time!

Progress: So far so good! I’ve read or culled 19 from my book priorities, and have been listening to a lot more audio. (5/1)

Priority is to continue to shape our house into a place that is Home, while not spending too much money on the process.

  • Finish the zen garden
  • Plant the garden by the back wall of the house
  • Rebuild pantry in a more efficient way
  • Hang birdhouses and maybe some bug hotels too
  • Edge in the remaining side in the front garden
  • Bonus: Paint master bedroom
  • Bonus: Build run-off contouring and seating areas in the front garden
  • Bonus: Build raised vegetable beds in the side yard

Progress: Pantry is rebuilt (though one day we’ll need to finish/paint it so it doesn’t look like bare wood and ugly walls) and the edging is finished! The mistflower garden by the back of the house is planted. We’ve put up one bug hotel. (5/1)

In 2021, I focused on learning how to use my camera in manual mode to take nice photos under a variety of light and weather conditions. This year, I’d like to continue to learn, but also to improve my editing skills and begin to develop a personal style. I’d like to take a class or two, either in photography itself or in editing software, and to use weekly prompts (likely through 52 Frames) to practice technique. Furthermore, there are several types of photographs that I want to take at some point during 2022:

  • sunrise but not from home – on location, either urban or wild
  • movement photo with central focal point (example: focus on feet while on a swing, so the background moves but the feet remain in motion)
  • astrophotography, particularly of stars, taken with long exposure
  • urban night photography with long exposure to capture light-streaks from cars
  • focus on stationary object while background moves
  • focus on stationary background while the foreground moves
  • soft water focus in nature
  • golden hour portrait – done!

Progress: Learned how to upload RAW files, which has improved potential edits, and got some good editing tips from a particular book. Just received some photo editing software for my birthday, so hopefully I can do more of this in time. Took Laurence’s senior portraits at golden hour. (5/1)

The goals that don’t fit into any real category…

  • Take at least one, hopefully two, vacations
    • High priority possibilities include Glacier National Park and our much-delayed 20th anniversary Alaskan cruise (this latter is scheduled for May)
  • Grow my hair out
  • Update all the cats’ microchips
  • Attempt to find a good therapist
  • Improve finances – in particular, decrease total debt, especially credit card debt
  • Attend Hopscotch

Progress: Used the tax refund and J’s work bonus to pay off all our consumer debt! I’ve also set up an appointment with a therapy group, though the first opening wasn’t until June. Sadly, the May vacation had to be forwarded to September, and later canceled. The Glacier trip is likewise canceled. Sigh. (6/1)