Every year I make new goals for myself. Below are my goals for the current year, as well as my progress on them.

2019 Goals


  • Weight loss: As you might imagine, weight loss is high on my list. Since my body strongly resists change, my focus will be on eating and exercising in a way that should promote weight loss. Hopefully my body will relent, and if not, at least I’m treating myself right. Any true weight loss this year (not fluctuating in a maintenance range) would be awesome.
    • Status: So far the same due to inflammation, but at least maintaining current weight (2/28)
  • Work to be able to run a full 5K by year’s end (some of this will depend on if I can lose weight, so this will be a work-in-progress goal to be evaluated by my efforts, not results)
    • Status: On hold until inflammation is dealt with (2/28)
  • Participate in at least one official 5K
    • Status:
  • Average 3.5 fruits/veggies daily (2018 average: 3.1)
    • Status: average 3.3 (2/28)
  • Average 10k steps per day (2018 average: 9437)
    • Status: average 9207 (2/28)
  • Increase total mileage (2018 total: 381 miles)
    • Status: 71.4 miles (2/28)
  • Increase total yoga workouts (2018 total: 181)
    • Status: 40 workouts (2/28)
  • Complete 1000+ fitness minutes monthly, except in Jun, Jul, and Aug, which will be 750+ mins
    • Status: completed Jan, Feb
  • Work with my doctor to monitor sleep medications for better sleep-management
    • Status: on hold until inflammation is dealt with (2/28)
  • Meditate on at least 50 days
    • Status: 16 days (2/28)


  • Strictly stick to a monthly budget to pay off as much credit card debt as possible, preferably all but at very minimum 50%
    • Status: roughly 20-25% paid off (2/10)
  • Continue to work weekly with our budget and find places to streamline/reduce
    • Status: working with but without much success in streamlining (2/28)
  • Balance budget-management with small splurges (dates, gifts, etc) to avoid an all-or-nothing mentality that will likely backfire
    • Status: in progress (2/28)
  • Help our kids apply for various forms of financial aid and scholarships
    • Status: Morrigan’s college now is fully paid through scholarship, shifting focus to Ambrose (2/28)
  • Shore up our (falling apart) deck and fences to help them last longer before needing replacement
    • Status:


  • Have one date night/day outside the house monthly
    • Status: done Jan, Feb
  • Do something special for our 20th anniversary in December
    • Status:
  • Host one social gathering quarterly at my house (excluding birthday parties or writing groups)
    • Status: 1st quarter Super Bowl party
  • Have one group night or day out quarterly
    • Status: 1st quarter group birthday lunch
  • Attend Siclovia, a local street festival that occurs twice-yearly
    • Status:
  • Visit 12 new-to-me locations in San Antonio
    • Status: visited 7
  • Finish xeriscaping our front yard
    • Status: in progress


  • Learn one new skill/lesson/hobby etc monthly (physical or intellectual). Can continue learning from previous months if more extensive. Note: This must be more than a passing TED Talk or article read on a subject. The goal is to discover ongoing interests and hobbies, particularly ones that might lead to a career after my kids leave home.
    • Status: done Jan, Feb
  • Watch as much of my movie backlist as possible
    • Status: actively working on this, down to two as of end of Feb
  • Read six classics, plays, or books of poetry
    • Status: read three
  • Edit Maldralith, one of my manuscripts
    • Status:
  • Complete monthly writing-related goals
    • Status: failed Jan, Feb
  • Unless circumstances interfere, participate in NaNoWriMo
    • Status:
  • Explore options for returning to school
    • Status: