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A Discussion of JK Rowling

I have been quiet on the subject of Rowling and her transphobic thoughts up until now. Mostly this is because I am personally quite ignorant on transgender issues, which feel particularly foreign to me as an agender person. I’ve worked … Continue reading

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Wayward Son, by Rainbow Rowell

Now that the war is over and the Chosen One no longer has a Fate attached to his future, he’s depressed. Listless. Hardly ever leaves his couch. Baz and Penny are worried about Simon Snow, and Penny comes up with … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Adjustments

Sorry to be quite absent lately. August has been a whirlwind so far, what with trying to figure out what Morrigan is going to do now and my body trying to adjust to a new medication. Fingers crossed that we … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – The Last of the Big Adventures

So much is still happening, though we finally finished all the big adventures this week and have a few weeks of nothing-major-happening before the last round of crazy this summer. I’ve barely had time to sit at my computer lately, … Continue reading

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Akata Witch, by Nnedi Okorafor

From Goodreads: Born in New York, but living in Aba, Nigeria, twelve-year old Sunny is understandably a little lost. She is albino and thus, incredibly sensitive to the sun. All Sunny wants to do is be able to play football … Continue reading

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Sunday Coffee – Random Thoughts on an Early Morning

-I don’t like being a single mom – though it’s easier with only two kids, kids old enough to mostly look after themselves – and I’m really glad Jason and Morrigan are home from college orientation. -I’m also glad that … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Wizards Unite!

A week ago, I didn’t know the upcoming release date of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. I knew it was meant to be this year, pushed back from last year, but I hadn’t seen an actual release date. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game

Are any of y’all playing this yet? Who am I kidding – I’m sure many of you are! What’s your experience been like? Are you playing as yourself or did you make up a character? My game-name is Haley Redlin, … Continue reading

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Top Ten Bookish Settings to Visit

I adore when books make a new world (either fantasy or real) come alive! Here are some of my favorites, places I’d love to visit – though only if I could be a passive observe on some of these! 1. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by Jack Thorne

(based on a story by JK Rowling, and in collaboration with John Tiffany) Many years after the end of the Harry Potter series, a new story starts centered on the children of several characters of the original series. In play … Continue reading

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