Sunday Coffee – Random Thoughts on an Early Morning

-I don’t like being a single mom – though it’s easier with only two kids, kids old enough to mostly look after themselves – and I’m really glad Jason and Morrigan are home from college orientation.

-I’m also glad that Morrigan loved orientation and got a lot out of it, and that the drives up to Kansas and back were safe, if not uneventful.

-The cops in Oklahoma are baffling. You’d think that if you pulled over to check someone on the side of the road, and it’s 3pm and 105 degrees out, and the man and son sitting in the car have run out of gas and will be waiting an hour for the insurance company to arrive with some, you’d say more than, “There’s a gas station at the next exit. Have a nice day.”

-It’s 67 degrees out this morning! First time it’s been under 70 degrees in about two months! Unfortunately it’s about to storm, which means I won’t be taking a walk like I’d like…

-Speaking of walks, why do games like Harry Potter Wizards Unite always come out in the dead of summer? It means that the walking can be quite unpleasant for those of us in the deep south. Why not a fall or spring release, so that everyone in the country can have some pleasantness?

-Speaking of Wizards Unite, I’m still having so much fun. But I was dismayed when I went out to walk several miles on my local hiking trails yesterday morning because of the SOS event that was happening on Saturday, only to get a notice at 1pm that the event was starting now, and by that point it was 100 degrees and I’d already done hours of exercise and about 15k steps. Oh well.

-I discovered during my few days of single-mom-hood that I don’t actually despise cooking like I’ve always thought. What I despise is prepping a meal – planning what to make, and cutting up any meat and veggies needed. I’d happily do the rest of the cooking if these things were done for me.

-I have soooooo much to get done today…

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7 Responses to Sunday Coffee – Random Thoughts on an Early Morning

  1. Loved the coffee cup! And, like you — I hate cooking prep (and clean-up)!


    • Amanda says:

      Cleanup doesn’t bother me as much since I tend to do it throughout the cooking (at least rinsing/stacking everything to make it easier for later!).


  2. Like maybe offer to help out? Get the gas? Sheesh. Especially if that’s close. That is weird.


    • Amanda says:

      Yeah, that’s what Jason said – if he’d been in Wisconsin, the cop would have offered to drive him to the station and back. I mean, it was middle-of-nowhere OK and the next exit was 7 miles away, so it’s not like it was in walking distance, but seriously the ten mins out of the cop’s day should have been doable!!


  3. gricel d. says:

    Maybe a meal kit service is an option. The no prep perk seems to be what a lot of people like about them 🙂

    I feel your pain re: the heat. The only time it isn’t sweltering is when it’s raining.


    • Amanda says:

      Unfortunately a meal prep plan isn’t financially in the cards, and since Jason does most of the cooking in our house, it’s okay. I’m thinking this is a good thing – he can start doing the chopping etc, then have some time off while I cook (the part he tends to get distracted during and burn stuff…), and we’ll all be happier in the end. Maybe. Heh.


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