June 2019 in Review

June has been my family’s busiest month so far in 2019. We had two surgeries, a graduation, two parties that we hosted and another that we attended, college orientation, summer school, Jason changing to a different team at work, Jason’s parents stuck in town for weeks due to their RV situation, and a family member in and out of the hospital. On top of that, one of my best friends is going through a very tough situation that I’ve been trying to help with, and I spent a big chunk of the month going through stupid PTSD limbic-stuck trauma from years ago. To say that I’m spent is an understatement. Just keep swimming…

I don’t generally read for specific themes, and I didn’t mean to read anything specific for Pride month this month. However, I ended up having an accidental Pride month galore, with half of my books featuring various LGBTQIA+ characters or topics. The City in the Middle of the Night had potential to be my favorite of the month, but the abrupt ending threw me, and I think that let a visit from familiar characters in The Alchemist’s Illusion edge it out of first place.

I’ll be honest. My health was pretty poor for the first three weeks of June. I got majorly PTSD-triggered on the 1st and it was all downhill from there. I fell into some really bad habits, stopped tracking all the things I normally track, and pretty much just crashed. I did keep exercising because I love Aquafit and circuit training, plus the boys wanted to go to the gym quite often. At least there was that. I did finally manage to get myself back on track around the 20th. Some of it was sheer determination, and some of it was wrapped up in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which got me out and walking again, gave me something healthy to occupy my brain and time.

(Laurence and Ambrose play with Harry Potter filters)

Highlights of June
Between the crazy schedule, the unexpected problems, and the PTSD stuff, June was a rough month for me, but I still had some good moments to appreciate.

  • hosting friends for dinner
  • Morrigan’s graduation and grad party
  • Morrigan’s oral surgery going smoothly
  • Jason getting medically cleared (no cancer!) and through the first of two medical procedures smoothly
  • finally watching Strangers Things season 2 (just in time!)
  • my cousin’s baby shower –>
  • more Great British Baking Show (I love this show so much!)
  • finally starting the Good Omens mini-series, which is awesome so far

Coming up in July
July will start out crazy again with Jason’s second (and more serious) surgery of the summer, followed immediately by Morrigan heading off for a week hiking part of the Appalachian Trail and my brother arriving in town for a week. Thankfully after that, the rest of the summer will be easy peasy. (Fingers crossed.) July is also a big birthday month: my mom, stepdad, sister, and Ambrose all have birthdays. And right around the time of the last birthday of the month, Laurence will finish summer school. I imagine we might just get about three weeks of nothing-major-scheduled before we take Morrigan up to college and then immediately have a wedding to attend! One month of crazy summer down, two to go!

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  1. Boo for the rough stuff, but yay for the good moments to appreciate. Hope Jason’s second surgery goes well and you’ll have other good moments to appreciate in July as well.

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