Sunday Coffee – Adjustments

Sorry to be quite absent lately. August has been a whirlwind so far, what with trying to figure out what Morrigan is going to do now and my body trying to adjust to a new medication. Fingers crossed that we have some answers on the first of those this week. (As for the second, there’s just an adjustment period I have to wait through.) In the meantime, Jason and I took some time out yesterday to join in with a local group for the August Harry Potter Community Day. We met up with a huge group of folks at a local library (where we could reach tons of Inns and Greenhouses, as well as a Fortress, all indoors on the 105-degree day). The library had a giant Harry Potter festival going on for unrelated reasons, so there were all these kids running around dressed up for different houses (and one toddler in an AMAZING Hedwig costume made with real feathers!!!). It made the whole thing quite fun, and we got a great picture of our group out by the inflated acromantula!

I’ll see everyone soon, I hope! The boys start school in just over a week, and like I said, I hope Morrigan’s situation is settled this week. Fingers crossed for us, please!

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  1. Hope things will work out for Morrigan the way they are supposed to…and that you adjust to your new medication. Fingers crossed for all of you.

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