Pantsuit Nation, by Libby Chamberlain

Note: While I’ve listed Libby Chamberlain as the author, she’s actually the editor of this book and the person who put it all together. The content of the book is from many different individual sources.

Not long before the 2016 election, a secret group was created on Facebook called Pantsuit Nation, intended to be a safe place for supporters of Hillary Clinton. The group exploded in membership both before and after election night. This book is made up of contributions from the members of that group, split roughly into sections: before the election, election night, after the election, and the protests that came together around inauguration. Entries are sometimes long, sometimes short, and accompanied by photos. The book is, in essence, a visual exploration of why people supported Clinton and the way they felt throughout this election process. There is anger, fear, sadness, determination, and hope. There are people from all walks of life and all kinds of viewpoints. There’s little more than I can say other than to encourage people to read.

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