Sunday Coffee – End of another RIP season

Technically, there’s today and another day left to finish up RIP, but it’s unlikely I’ll finish another book by then, so I’m going to wrap this up now. As has become my norm these last few years, I had good plans and then just stopped reading regularly come mid-September. I’ve said in other posts – other things have just been occupying my brain lately. In any case, I read seven books for RIP this year, if you count my two pre-September reads:

  • The Clackity
  • The House Across the Lake
  • Miss Moriarty, I Presume?
  • The Ink Black Heart
  • The Change
  • The Kiss Curse
  • Ghost 19

Several others from my original list of options turned out not to be RIP-ish even though I did read them for RIP. Several still haven’t gotten to me from the library – very long hold lines! And quite a few were culled once I tried them and decided they weren’t for me. Honestly, I wish I’d been able to get to those few library books, plus two more from Book of the Month that I simply haven’t gotten around to. Then again, I kinda read RIP-ish books year-round, don’t I? So I’m not going to save them until next season!

It’s been lovely, even if my list was very short and actually didn’t include either of the books that I’m most likely to reread during this season (Gentlemen & Players, and The Night Circus). I enjoyed most of what I read, and that’s what counts!


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