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Wellness Wednesday – Extroversion and Agoraphobia

Extroversion and agoraphobia – it’s hard to imagine them going hand and hand, but sometimes they do. It’s taken a peculiar series of life events starting at a young age to get me to this point. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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The Family Upstairs, by Lisa Jewell

When Libby Jones discovers that her birth parents have left her a house on her 25th birthday, she doesn’t know what to think. Then the house turns out to be dark, oppressive, and creepy. And that’s before she reads the … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Epiphany

Note: I wrote this post on December 11th but haven’t had the courage to publish it until now. This was an epiphany I had right after moving into my new house, when I was unpacking and had decisions to make … Continue reading

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Burnout, by Emily and Amelia Nagoski (audio)

Subtitled: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Self-help is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I really loved Emily Nagoski’s Come As You Are (one of my favorites of 2015), so I decided to give this one a … Continue reading

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Not a Review: Call Down the Hawk

For about a year in 2014/2015, I was under continual emotional distress mixed with depression, severe anxiety, panic disorder, and worsening insomnia. The cause was outside my control, and I just kept spiraling further into a mental health crisis despite … Continue reading

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The Last Resort, by Marissa Stapley

The Harmony Resort promises to be a “last resort” stop for struggling couples, run by famed marriage counselors with a perfect marriage. But no marriage is really perfect, and several couples find themselves grappling with more than they expected. Now … Continue reading

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Wellness Wednesday – Hiding in Plain Sight

When I was a sophomore, a misunderstood incident* caused my parents to send me to a therapist for a short while. I barely remember those sessions, but one thing stands out. My counselor asked me what I enjoyed, what I … Continue reading

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