Love & Other Disasters, by Anita Kelly

Dahlia has quit her job to participate in an amateur cooking competition called Chef’s Special. Along the way, she hopes to find herself. What she doesn’t expect to find is love. London agreed to be on Chef’s Special in hopes of bringing visibility to nonbinary people, and to raise money for an LGBTQ+ non-profit. They’re also not looking for love, but Dahlia accidentally face-plants into their chest the first day on set, and there’s no question romance has just found both of them.

This was a really cute and spicy romance, complete with misunderstandings, hesitations, and some start-stop buildups. The background of the cooking show was fun too – made me look forward to the next season of GBBO! The book had a few issues – a bit more optimistic than real world when it comes to queer acceptance, a couple sections where the pacing seemed to jump through time too fast, etc – but for the most part it was a lovely and sweet read. I was happy to finally read a book with a nonbinary narrator, as I’ve been unable to find one before now. Hopefully more books will follow in the future! We need more representation out there!

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Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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