Sunday Coffee – RIP Wrap-up

IMG_2708Technically, RIP X isn’t over yet for another week. Technically, I could finish off another RIP read and have to edit this post. Technically. But here’s the thing. It’s not going to happen. I’ve been in serious slump mood for a very, very long time, and honestly, this has probably been my most unproductive RIP season ever. I hit my reading slump right as the event began, and never really recovered my mojo. (Probably not helped by the fact that it was still in the stupid mid-90s here until just a few days ago, and has plans to spend most of the next two weeks in the mid-80s.) I still read some good books, but nearly all of my original reading plans fell apart. I barely made it to my goal of Peril the First before the Readathon, and even Readathon didn’t advance me that far! I don’t believe I’ve ever read so few RIP reads…

Ah well, there’s always next year, yes? Here’s what I did manage to read (all wonderful, btw):

Six books. One reread (wasn’t I supposed to be reread-heavy this year?). A good audio and print split – three each – and that makes me happy. Favorite of these? That’s a tough one. I’d say it’s probably a tie between my first and last RIP read, though really, all of them were fantastic. And if you think quality over quantity, I think six fantastic RIP reads is awesome!

rip10400And that’s about that. Here’s to next year and a better reading mood when RIP XI rolls around!

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6 Responses to Sunday Coffee – RIP Wrap-up

  1. Trish says:

    Six books is definitely great!! I have one under my belt (Salem’s Lot) and hope to finish with Dracula by the end of the week to do a type of joint post. It’s my first time reading it–well, I’m also listening–and the audio is great so far! Love all those narrators. Will you be focusing on writing in November?


    • Amanda says:

      Definitely focusing on writing in November, which is why I’m trying to rush my way through all the books that just came in for me from the library! Hopefully my little Dallas vacation will give me tons of time to both read and write!!


  2. Lindsey says:

    I’m trying to fit in one more RIP read in the next couple of days. It’s tough to feel in the creepy reading sort of spirit when the weather is so warm!

    I’ve been meaning to try those Johnson books. Maybe I will save the first one for next year’s RIP!


  3. Beth F says:

    Six is a definite win! Here’s hoping it cools off soon for you.


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