Vote! 2020 Election

Early voting started in Bexar County yesterday. Apparently we had a turnout of just over 33k folks on Day 1, down slightly from the totals we had in 2016 and 2018 (likely due to pandemic, mail in ballots, etc, since we also have the highest number of registered eligible voters here ever). Unfortunately, because of the pandemic – limiting indoor spaces, six feet of distance between people – the voting lines are insane…and outdoors. In Texas, in October, which means HOT.

(representing about 1/5th of the line, including the part that wraps around)

But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? So this morning, Jason dropped me off at the library, where I walked to the back of the line (nearly a quarter mile down the street and around a corner), and slowly moved up over the course of the next two hours. Around the two hour mark, I made it into the building, and fifteen minutes later, I had finished the voting process.

I wore my F*uck Trump lipstick, as promised, underneath my mask. And I was also quite irritated with some of the things I saw out there while I was waiting: campaign volunteers not wearing masks properly; one of the poll workers – the one in charge of handicapped voters, no less! – refusing to wear a mask at all, even as he leaned into people’s cars; people discarding their plastic gloves (we each had to wear one) all over the place so that they were blowing around the park and trails attached to the library grr. People can be so awful! But whatever. The voting is done. I’ve done my part, and I hope this election isn’t a total farce like in 2016.

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