Voices in the Snow, by Darcy Coates

Clare is in an accident during a major snowstorm, and wakes up in a stranger’s house in the middle of the woods. Dorran seems kind, but something about the house is forbidding, and something lurks out in the unnatural weather beyond.

1) I think I’ve gotten a bit more of a measure of this author now – she tends to write creature-paranormal, not ghost- or psychic-paranormal. The stories are very imaginative and the creatures are horrifying.

2) Though this book only came out in January, there are three sequels already published! Notably, the story of this volume mostly wraps up, but leaves plenty of things to uncover in future volumes.

3) This is a post-apocalyptic novel, with very little discovered about what’s going on beyond the house-in-the-woods where Clare winds up. We see all the crazy weather, and experience all the crazy creatures, but as for the rest, much of it is still up for discovery. Makes me anxious to read the next books, but so far my library doesn’t have any of them. Boo!

4) Somehow, I managed not to see the face on the front cover. I saw the eye, of course, but didn’t notice the contouring of doll face under the snow. Not until I was heading to bed, with the spine of this book facing me, and suddenly there was a smaller version of the face staring at me in the dark. Needless to say, I turned the book around when it was on my nightstand! No need to wake up to that in the morning!

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