Dreadful Company, by Vivian Shaw (audio)

This second Greta Helsing novel, as I predicted, is an entirely separate plot from Strange Practice. The characters are (mostly) the same, with a few new people introduced. In this volume, Greta is in France at a conference when a coven of cliched vampires decides to kidnap her in order to lure one of her vampire friends to his death. Greta’s friends are all trying to figure out what’s happened to her, and Greta herself must figure out a way to escape. Meanwhile, the coven’s activities are causing a rip in reality that must be addressed by a group of demons and psychopomps.

Oh I love this series so much! I love that each story is standalone, but that I can keep catching up with the characters. Everything I said in my review of Strange Practice continues to be true – great writing, great characterization, perfect friendships, etc. Also, tons of tie-ins to Phantom of the Opera in this volume, yay! I can’t add much more other than to say that I hope the series continues for a long time!

PS – Audio continues to be excellent!

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