An Autumn Bookswap

I don’t do bookswaps often, and when I have, I’ve experienced a range of results. Sometimes, I get a gift-sender who knows me personally and sends me far more than I expect, some really wonderful stuff, and makes me tear up from their generosity. Sometimes, I get kind-but-impersonal gifts from people who don’t really know me, which is also perfectly fine. And then sometimes, there’s the bare-minimum sender. Once, I got a package consisting of a water-warped mass market paperback of a random book and ten smushed and dried-out Hershey miniatures. Jason once received a swap from a guy who only sent copies of his own self-pubbed books… Um, yeah.

Mostly, though, I’ve had good experiences. I’ve come to realize, though, that I prefer to participate in bookswaps where I know at least the majority of people involved. I always feel bad putting together a gift based on someone’s list rather than list-plus-knowing-them-personally. This particular swap consisted of mostly people I know, though, and I decided to participate.

On Monday, I got my box. And I knew immediately – from the size of the box and the sender – that this one was going to be one of the awesome experiences.


Oh, Adam – this was wonderful. Two books I really loved and have been dying to get a hold of (Fat Girl Walking and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell). A book I didn’t know but which Adam though I’d be interested in because of my interest in gender and transgender studies (How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States). A beautiful journal that, to be honest, is identical to one I nearly picked up a few weeks ago before deciding I shouldn’t spend the money on it. A set of Slytherin stationary (!!!), complete with sealing wax (!!!!!). Coffee that smells amazing (can’t wait to try it), some of my favorite chocolates (the first of which is, um, already gone), and a coffee mug featuring Strength (a tarot card that is so very personal for me).

Seriously, I am blown away by this package. Adam went well past above-and-beyond, and once again I’m left with the experience of being so very touched by my friends and their generosity. Everything about this gift was perfect, right down to the fact that my kitties heartily approve of the packaging:


Thank you again, Adam, and thank you to Allie for hosting this swap. Love y’all!

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8 Responses to An Autumn Bookswap

  1. Melissa says:

    This is such a fun book swap to be part of. My first box was packed full of things I just loved. It’s been so much fun to put together boxes for people too!


  2. What a great package he put together for you! Adam is so awesome.

    I love doing this swap and I’m so glad Allie put it together. I knew most of the people in it, but have had fun getting to know a few new people too.


  3. Roof Beam Reader says:

    I’m really glad you like(d) your package! And the kitties, too. 😀 I wish I were more creative in the decorative sense…. the best I could do was the themed-tissue paper and a bum-load of stickers all over the box. Haha. That’s me-as-artist.


    • Amanda says:

      Well, it’ll give you some idea about my own creativity in decor – when I saw your box all covered in stickers and filled with those foil pumpkins and bats? I thought, “Oh MAN I need to step up my game!” (Really, I’m completely clueless!)

      Liked by 1 person

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