I’m not really one to acquire a whole bunch, especially not at one time. This past Sunday, though…well, I kinda went on an acquisition-bender. Observe:

07 acquisitionsThe day involved a series of fun errands, on my own, time to myself, and MAN it was exactly what I needed.

First stop: Half Price Books
Oh I missed Half Price Books when I lived in Massachusetts. Going there, I was primarily looking for summer reading books for Morrigan and perhaps some copies of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for my mom and stepmom. I didn’t end up finding the summer reading books, but I found a copy of the Tidy book, as well as a Yoga Zone video (my favorite!) and 13 Going on 30 (yay!).

Second stop: Barnes & Nobles
Well, I had to stop here, of course, because summer reading. The books for Morrigan were easy to find there (not pictured), and I picked up a second copy of the Tidy book, as planned (also not pictured). But then…well, I didn’t want to waste my time out, so I browsed. I’d already intended to pick up a new daily journal – I love those thick leather-bound journals that last forever – so I grabbed that. And then I grabbed an Irish folklore and mythology book for Jason (not pictured) and a new Fairies coloring book for me.

Third stop: Sprouts
The goal at Sprouts was to get a few groceries unavailable at my normal store: orange Tazo tea and pecan butter. The later of which turned out to be unavailable. Grr. In its place, I noticed that they had Peets coffee today! I missed Peets from Massachusetts. Of course I had to get some. Then they had a sale on mini-wine-bottles, so I grabbed four different kinds to try. Then I finally grabbed the Yoga magazine that I’ve been drooling over – it’s expensive! – every time I go to Sprouts. Lastly, I bought bulk lavender, bulk chamomile, and a tea ball for Jason (not pictured).

Fourth (and final) stop: Library
Notice I didn’t say buy-bender, but acquisition-bender. Because really, I prefer the library for my book-acquisition needs. My original plan was just to pick up the movie I needed for my paralegal course (Anatomy of a Murder), but then Jason found the anime series – seasons 1 and 2 – of Emma by Kaoru Mori, and of course I had to get that, too. Then I spotted Her by Harriet Lane on the New Book shelf, and it sounded interesting, so it also came home with me.

The result: a massive pile of New Stuff, and a happy Manda. 🙂

About Amanda

Agender empty-nester filling my time with cats, books, fitness, and photography. She/they.
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3 Responses to Acquisitions

  1. Michelle says:

    A little shopping never hurt anyone. Enjoy all your goodies!


  2. Shaina says:

    I’m not one for a load of acquisition either, so days like these are real treats! It sounds like you got some fantastic stuff. And I LOVE 13 Going on 30. 🙂


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