Harry Potter Page to Screen, by Bob McCabe

Harry-Potter-Page-to-Screen-CoverFour years ago, I read Harry Potter: Film Wizardry, which was about the Harry Potter movie series as it existed by that point (ie not all eight movies). Harry Potter Page to Screen covers some of the same areas as Film Wizardry, but isn’t just an expanded version of the same book. This is a 530+ page, 7+ pound, $75 (!!!) book detailing the entire movie-making process, from casting to special/practical effects to prop and costume creation. Unlike Film Wizardry, it has no extras like stickers and cutouts (boo! my copy of Film Wizardry was actually lost in moving cross country), but has page after page of photos and information. I learned more than I could ever list in a single review, and since it’s holiday season at the moment, I’m just going to leave this as a mini-review of a book I finished in the lazy hours of Christmas afternoon. This is a fabulous read for HP fanatics, like me, and especially worth it if, like me, you get one of those 60% off coupons before you buy it. 😀

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