Top Ten Books I Want for Christmas!

Just about every single one of these books should be absolutely obvious from every other Top Ten list I’ve created in the last few months. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I sound like a broken record! Still. I want these!

warbreaker1 – 3. the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson – One of my favorite trilogies from this year. Definitely books to own!

4. the British version of Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson – I have the American version. The cover is AWFUL. I have British versions of four other books by Sanderson and I love the artist  who works on them.

5. Fangirl (audiobook!) by Rainbow Rowell – The print book might be okay, but it’s really the audio production that made this book for me. I listened to it in February, and then again in October/November. It was just as good the second time around.

Landlinegrey-1-e1381519474537-300x4416. Landline by Rainbow Rowell – One of my top books of the year and one that touched such a personal note for me in my current life. Definitely need to own this one!

7 – 9. the Raven Cycle books by Maggie Stiefvater – Um, was there any doubt? I would love BOTH print and audio of these…yes, I want two copies of each book…

10. Thinside Out by Josie Spinardi – I can’t get this one from my library. I think it’s ebook only. It’s all about intuitive eating, and I would LOVE to read it! I don’t, however, like to buy books that I haven’t read yet, in case I don’t like them. Gifts are okay though!

Bonus: Any paleo cookbooks. I would LOVE paleo cookbooks. This kind of eating works AMAZINGLY WELL for me, and I’m getting bored of all my current meal rotations…


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4 Responses to Top Ten Books I Want for Christmas!

  1. readerbuzz says:

    It’s always annoying to me when I can’t get a book I really want to read from the library.


  2. Trisha says:

    I definitely wouldn’t mind having the audios of The Raven Cycle.


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