Readathon: Chopin and George Sand in Majorca, by Bartolome Ferra

majorcaIn the 1830s, Chopin and George Sand spent a winter in Majorca for Sand’s son’s health. Neither liked it very much. This is one account of their time there.

When I originally got this book from a library book sale, I thought it was going to be letters back and forth between Chopin and Sand. I’m not sure exactly why, as they wouldn’t have been writing letters to each other if they went to Majorca together, but I was disappointed when I opened this up and found it was actually just someone’s very short account of the few months they stayed there. I’d rather have read Sand’s own memoir about the time, which she wrote two years after she stayed there. I’m not sure what the purpose of this particular book was. It was dry and short, and it didn’t give really much more information than you might find on Wikipedia. It was also badly put together, with misspellings and typographical errors all over the place. I didn’t really learn anything from it at all.

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