Readathon: No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sartre

noexitIn this play, three people who have died and gone to Hell are placed together in a single room with no way out. They don’t know why they’ve been placed there, or why they’ve been put together. They slowly come to realize that they are each others’ torturers, or perhaps each others’ salvation.

I knew absolutely nothing about Sartre before I began, and had no idea what this play was about either. It only took me a few pages to figure out the first of the three dead spirits was being led into his room in Hell. Oh this was such a fantastic play!! The ideas in here were amazing, and the whole back and forth play between the three characters – building hope, crashing it down, trying to figure out the logic of Hell – was masterful. This is another play I would love to see live! I hope I get a chance to some day.

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