Sunday Coffee – Y’all, this has become ridiculous by now.

Oy. So I dropped off a cliff this week. I didn’t mean to disappear from the blog but wow it was a crazy week. It didn’t help that last weekend was insane between trying to replace the dishwasher and taking care of a suddenly-upset mama cat! That meant that I spent the early part of the week trying to catch up on my normal weekend stuff. Then I got new foster kittens who were sick and needed meds, which of course adds an additional load. (Not complaining – I chose them because apparently few foster parents are willing to take on sick babies – just meant some extra work.) Then my grandmother passed away this week, which was an entire complicated mess of feelings. (My mom has not once bothered to reach out to me since her little blow up in August. She didn’t bother to come see Laurence before he went off to college in Canada, and I can only guess that one of my siblings has told her that Ambrose has gotten married.) And then, at the end of the week, we discovered that the foster kittens weren’t just sick, but sick with a potentially deadly calicivirus, so we have to be on the look out for sudden fading kitten syndrome.

(Amarillo, Abiline, and Austin)

So yeah, it was a bad week, and then to make it worse, I tried out like five different books and they all weren’t for me, so I haven’t even been able to read. Boo! It’s always sad when you have a string of books you’re excited for and then discover they’re not going to work for you. (Whether that’s the book or your own mood!) Hopefully, the upcoming week will be better both in life and in books.

You know what I wish for? I want the weather to turn. It has been relentlessly hot here. Every time there’s a teaser in the forecast where it’ll only get up to 92 degrees and it may actually drop to 68 degrees in the wee hours of the morning, those teases go away as we get closer to the date. It was mostly in the high 90s this week, and though the mornings are now in the low 70s instead of the high 70s, that comes with a wave of extreme humidity that no one loves. By this point in the year, we usually have at least one brief cool front that gives us a hint of what will come, but I guess with it being ridiculously hot from April onwards this year, it should be no surprise that September is still miserable. There is a predicted brief front this week – lows in the low 60s and a few days where the high is only 89, but I’m not holding my breath yet. Fingers crossed, though!


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  1. I’m sorry for your loss x.

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