Quarantine Diaries – Week 39

We’re nearly a week into full-on household lockdown now. I’m going to do a day-by-day on this below, after more general news.

This week’s numbers: 91,394 cases, 1,412 deaths, 1,063 seven-day rolling average (up 268), 15.7 positivity rate (up 6.5%!!!). These are the jumps we’ve been expecting, and the numbers from Thanksgiving are only barely beginning to seep in. Hospital numbers are seeing jumps too, and we’ve been told the only reason they aren’t worse is that most of the new covid cases are from the age 20-29 group and potentially require less severe treatment like hospitalizations. The schools are struggling, too. Our school district gave a final tally for November: 132 student and 98 staff cases, while the first week of December reports 85 student and 39 staff cases – more major increases. Our local high school reported 15 students and 1 teacher with covid this week.

Speaking of schools, the situation has gotten so bad in San Antonio that the city marked the school risk level as high/red and also put out an amended health directive for schools this week. They recommend that in-person learning be suspended altogether for all but the most vulnerable groups (special ed students, kids without access to internet at home, etc), and that vulnerable groups be kept in pods of no more than six people. They also say that if in-person classes continue in any capacity, covid testing should be proactively provided to at least 25% of in-person staff every week. Of course, they don’t have the authority to enforce this directive – it’s just their recommendation based on current danger. But the school districts have already responded. Nah, their campuses are perfectly safe, thankyouverymuch, anyone who wants to come in can keep doing so! Ugh.

More SA news. Somehow, in the midst of all these rising rates, the Spurs have decided they will start letting fans attend games again in January. Tell me how that makes sense?? // Arguments have broken out about who should get the vaccine after healthcare workers and first responders. People in vulnerable neighborhoods? Teachers? Divided by age? It’s not like we’re going to have any say, in the end… // The very few bars that were recently allowed to open – the ones that don’t sell food – were forced to close again as of yesterday. Honestly, if 2500 of the 3000 bars in SA just got a food license so they could be reclassified as restaurants this summer, and only a couple dozen of the remaining actually reopened a month ago, I’m not sure why we’re bothering to close them. They’re a tiny portion and probably not related to the surge in cases. If bars are a problem – and they have been, I know – it seems they all need to shut down, not just the few who were shut for months only to reopen for a measly few weeks. I feel for those business owners. (PS – I’m sure the city leaders would close all bars if they could, but the TABC sets the rules for the state.)

On the home front: Other than our personal lockdown, Jason’s sister had a covid relapse and couldn’t breathe, prompting her to go to the hospital by ambulance on Friday morning. She was put on fluids and oxygen, and began to feel better. Saturday saw her fever spike in the morning, but after that, she’s been fine. They finally let her leave the hospital yesterday.

Now, for our own lockdown story…

Note: For any who may have missed it last week, Morrigan’s university said he couldn’t stay in the dorms with a positive diagnosis despite the fact that none of his roommates were on campus any longer and isolating in his room would have been far better than traveling across the country while contagious. Grr.

Pre-Lockdown Days (Friday, most of Saturday): Jason left early Friday to head to KS, picked up Morrigan on Saturday morning, and drove back down to TX, arriving around 8pm. While they were traveling, I moved all of our doctor’s appointments from the next two weeks to either before or after our lockdown. Friday evening, my friend Natalie and her husband Chris drove over with a giant box of covid supplies. Her family all managed to somehow survive covid this summer despite their many pre-existing conditions (including asthma and cancer!), and she knew all the things we might need. We’d done our own shopping, but she came with four times as much as I thought we needed and said to trust her. I also did some last minute grocery pickups and the boys wanted to go to Dunkin one last time before we couldn’t for two weeks (above). To complicate matters, our dishwasher broke (wouldn’t drain) for the second time since we got it in August. This means not only will we need to wash everything by hand – meaning that the covid-handled dishes won’t be nearly as sanitized – but we can’t get a workman out for several weeks due to having covid in the house. UGH.

Saturday evening: I discovered real quick that Natalie was right as I went through far more gloves and wipes in an hour than I expected. Jason and Morrigan got settled into their rooms. We started working out logistics, especially for things like dealing with our sick kitty who is quarantined in Jason’s room. Morrigan is almost back to 100% healthy. Nausea is gone (as evidenced by his bacon cheeseburger for dinner on the way home), he’s not really coughing, and he has no fever. He’s still in the contagious period (day 7 from when symptoms first appeared) but I’m REALLY hoping he’s less contagious than before. I’m very worried about Jason, being in the same car together for 13-14 hours.

Day 1 (Sunday): For the first time ever, I’m thankful for mild weather returning so I can shut off the heater and open the windows during the day. The more outside air and less recirculating air, the better! // Realized I read the quarantine rules wrong. We need 14 days after the last date of exposure, so assuming no one else gets sick and Morrigan continue to improve, our last day of exposure will be Tuesday. That’ll put us in quarantine until around the 22nd. If anyone else gets sick, it’ll go even longer, and will likely cancel Christmas altogether. Sigh. Though I did talk to my sister (who works at a high school), and she said that if Morrigan has been in his room full time, it’s unlikely there’ll be enough exposure to us to count. (Needs to be 15 mins at 6 ft apart.) We’re still going to treat it as if it does, but at least it feels less worrisome now, except for Jason of course. // Morrigan had a fever in the evening for the first time since he got home. // Jason fixed the dishwasher. We all had to stay out of the room, then afterwards I scrubbed everything with lysol. Heh. But thank goodness we can fully sanitize dishes!

Day 2 (M): Morrigan is in his relapse period that tends to happen with covid. No fever in the morning and still eating normally (very hungry, which is a good sign!), but he feels like crap and his cough has returned. He slept all day. (Meaning he went down at 10am only a few hours after waking, and didn’t get up until we woke him at 5pm when we went to check if he was okay.)

Day 3 (T): Still no symptoms/fever for Jason. Morrigan is feeling a lot better this morning and has no fever. He said he was tired and a little sore, but not feeling feverish. He’s still sleeping a lot night and day, which I think will help him recover. A bit of a fever in the evening but really low-grade (99). (Pic: Nimi misses her dad. This has been hard on the cats, unable to greet their humans when they leave the rooms to use the bathroom, or hang out with them in their bedrooms.)

Day 4 (W): Pretty much a repeat of Tuesday. Jason scheduled a covid test for Friday morning. Morrigan says he’s not feeling sick at all anymore, though he’s still sleeping a lot and having slight shifts from normal temps to low-grade fever – still no more than 99.4.

Day 5 (Th): Unfortunately, due to some miscommunications when we were prepping for this quarantine, we missed a large chunk of necessary groceries, including basics like pasta/rice as well as any vegetables at all. If we were good on veggies, I could do curbside pickup, but vegetables are difficult to pick out remotely because 1) you don’t know what will be there week to week, and 2) you don’t know the quality – Texas is difficult that way. So today I armed myself with every precaution and rushed through a visit to HEB. I feel quite bad doing this, despite my sister telling me that technically I haven’t had any exposure to covid because I haven’t been around either Morrigan or Jason for more than 30 seconds at a time. Sorry, HEB folks! Notably, I did make sure to go early in the morning when almost no one was around, so hopefully I kept any potential exposure to a minimum. Still, I’m asking for forgiveness here. We were woefully underprepared when we thought we were good.

So that was our first few days of lockdown. Jason is scheduled for a covid test this morning, to give us an idea of what we may or may not be dealing with. Morrigan is pretty much fully recovered now but we’re still keeping him isolated for awhile longer. So far none of the rest of us have symptoms, and I hope to have more good news next week!

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  1. The vaccine’s being given by age range here, but some people are saying that priority should be given to this group, that group or the other group. You can’t please everyone!


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