Autumn Bucket List 2020!

As it turned out, I liked doing my Summer Break Quarantine Goals in a visual format enough that I decided to do the same for the fall. Got a bit more creative with the layout this time:

There are quite a number of things on here, but that’s because many of them are fun things to do rather than heavy goals to finish. I just really like autumn and all things Halloween and spooky! They’re broken down into general categories, with some crossover: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Clothes, Health/Wellness, and Home/Family.

  • Decorate for Halloween. This includes buying at least one new decoration for our home.
  • Install a ghost circle out on the lawn
  • Dress up for Halloween – preferably a costume that uses a mask!
  • Buy pumpkins! We always forget this until the last minute!
  • Run the Gourdy’s Pumpkin 5K
  • Celebrate Halloween however covid allows this year (get creative!)
  • Decorate for Thanksgiving
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving however covid allows this year
  • Make pumpkin muffins (not pictured)
  • Make traditional Thanksgiving foods if celebrations must be immediate family only
  • Buy brown boots. This has seriously been on my list for three years now and I need to actually get it done this year!
  • Accessorize with a scarf
  • Accessorize one of my beanies
  • Participate in the RIP reading event (not pictured)
  • Host a personal celebration party for the Rhythm of War release in November
  • Use up at least a quarter (13 cubes) of my old wax melts (not pictured)
  • Finish the next phase of xeriscaping the front yard (which includes digging, leveling, and paving a path and seating area)
  • Make hot chocolate
  • Drink coffee outside on a chilly morning
  • Have a family fireside night (not pictured)
  • Prep Christmas cards to minimize rushing post-Thanksgiving
  • Plan and begin buying Christmas gifts (ditto)
  • Donate blood
  • Find a new dentist and get my teeth cleaned
  • VOTE!!
  • Annual women’s exam
  • Run the Dia de los Muertos Night Run 5K

Dates for this go from September 1st to November 27th. Not traditional autumn dates, I know. In my mind, though, fall should start at the beginning of September (regardless of Texas temps), and it ends the day after Thanksgiving (when my family binge-decorates for Christmas).

What’s on your fall to-do or autumn bucket list?

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