Sunday Coffee – This Week in the Gignacery

Lots going on, thought I’d give snippet updates.

1 – Morrigan developed shin splints at the end of last week in marching band. They were so bad that he couldn’t even walk up the stairs alone. My aunt Mary, who’s a massage therapist, did some major work on him last weekend that helped a lot, and he has a protocol of stretches, foam-rolling, and icing that he needs to follow. He seemed fine the rest of the week, and next week has evening-only practices, so fingers crossed we dodged an injury bullet. PSA: Calf muscles – well really all muscles, but calf is relevant here – should be soft and jiggly when not in use. If they aren’t, they’re too tight and might cause injuries such as shin splints or stress fractures. Massage and foam-rolling help to keep muscles loose!!

2 – I had both a chiropractor appointment and a massage this week, so I feel a bit extra-amazing in my body this week. I had to change to a new massage therapist this month after the one I’ve been using for the last three months just kept doing such an awful job. Last month, I literally left with a migraine, and I think she fell asleep while doing my neck at the end. It was awful. This new therapist was absolutely amazing! I’m also looking forward to getting back in with my aunt, who is very busy and schedules out months in advance.

3 – Ambrose finished all the drive time he needs to get his license, and passed the driver’s ed driving exam. He goes in to get a certificate tomorrow, and then he can go down to DPS, take a few more tests (written and driving), and get his license! He’ll be my first licensed child.

4 – Laurence has been crazy-addicted to learning everything he can about pre-season football and fantasy football drafts. It’s funny, because I knew he would love this kind of thing and tried to get him to pay attention to it four years ago, but only in the last year has he become obsessed.

5 – Jason finished a few lingering house projects that weren’t part of the actual construction damage/claim, but nonetheless needed to be done to finish our house: installed cabinet door/drawer pulls in the kitchen; installed the new coax cable for our TV; repaired the master bathroom shower; replaced/repaired the outdoor pipe from the water main; fixed a new leak in our two-month-old-toilet (ugh!!); squared off one of the new cabinets where the wall wasn’t at perfect angles; fixing a leak in one of the outside sewer pipes after Ambrose knocked into it with a shovel.

5 – It was a rough week in construction. Our contractor thought he would be done by Tuesday evening, then Wednesday evening…etc. But it’s still not done. There have been so many external factors interfering with progress! Not his fault, of course, but still I can’t wait until this is done. Since last week’s update: kitchen floor finished; tile laid in the boys’ bathroom; kitchen ceiling caulked and painted; living/dining room walls painted; boys’ toilet installed; about 75% of the kitchen counters installed. There was a problem with the tile in the master bathroom, and it has to come up and get done all over again from scratch, so that’s another delay. Boo. There’s a hard deadline of the 25th, though, so I should have good news by next Sunday!

6 – All the boys finished school registration stuff this week, got their schedules and pictures etc. One more week to go!

7 – I used up my last skein of yarn. I found a flapper hat pattern that I loved so I downloaded it and used my purple silk/bamboo skein to make it. Only first, there’s a section of the pattern that didn’t work as well as it was meant to, and second, I didn’t quite have enough yarn so I had to leave one line of the brim off. The end result wasn’t great, and pretty much wasted my lovely yarn (boo!), but I do love the pattern and have a better idea of what to do later on to make a better version.

8 – Book club yesterday! We discussed Do Not Become Alarmed, and it was as really fun and lively discussion. There were seven of us there, all with very different opinions, and the book turned out to be a great one for discussion.

I think that’s about the extent of my week. As usual, I’m counting down the days until school begins!

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4 Responses to Sunday Coffee – This Week in the Gignacery

  1. Ceri says:

    I’m glad you found a massage therapist that works for you. I’ve been thinking about finding one because I’ve had some awful neck and back pain this summer that I can’t seem to get rid of.

    Poor Morrigan! I hope he keeps up with those stretches and foam rolling to avoid anything in the future.

    Yay Ambrose! You’ll have someone to chauffeur you around now. 😉

    You have some patience with that house, hun, though I don’t blame you at all for setting a fixed deadline. I feel like construction never finishes when they say it will. It must be so frustrating.


    • Amanda says:

      Like most teens, Morrigan promptly abandoned the stuff he needs to do as soon as he’s in no pain any longer. Consequently, he’s been told that if he gets even mildly injured again, he’ll be pulled out of band period.

      It’s looking like construction will finish here either on the 25th or 26th. We’re so close now.


  2. Michelle says:

    Congratulations to Ambrose! You cannot even imagine how much your life is going to change with an extra driver in the house. It seriously is life-altering in such a good way!

    Girl, shin splints are no joke. I am glad he was able to get a handle on it before they got worse. It is the way they have to march and hold their feet. It is not a natural stride and can cause a ton of problems. Make sure he stays on top of his stretching!

    One more week for so many things. Hang in there!!


    • Amanda says:

      I’m still having trouble imagining sending Ambrose off as an errand for us! That’s going to be so strange. He won’t be able to get his license immediately, though – apparently he has to watch a video and then schedule an appointment at DPS, which won’t be until early September. He’ll actually have to miss school to take his driving test, bizarrely. But then, hey, new driver!


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