My Unscripted Life, by Lauren Morrill

my-unscripted-lifeAfter receiving a rejection from a summer art camp, Dee feels like the whole course of her future is suddenly off track. She jumps at the opportunity to intern for a small-production movie that’s just come to town, and finds herself drawn into more than she expects.

I’m currently reading a very heavy nonfiction book (Half the Sky) with some disheartening and gruesome stuff in it. To counter that, I needed comfort, and that’s where Lauren Morrill comes in. First I reread one of my favorites of hers, Meant to Be, and right when I finished that one, the library finally got a copy of My Unscripted Life to me. The reads were exactly what I needed – light, comforting, sappy (in a good way!), and happy. I admit, this particular book was a teensy bit over the top in terms of believability for me, so it won’t join Meant to Be and The Trouble With Destiny as favorites. However, I’m still a huge Morrill fan and don’t mind the over-the-top-ness all that much. It was just what I needed at just the right time!

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