Timeless, by Gail Carriger

11324166Major spoilers.

Fifth and final book in the series, this time involving a trip to Egypt and a lot more information about the backgrounds of many, many characters.

Lots to like in this book, though I didn’t like this one as much as the last four. Some things were too convenient, like Biffy having an Anubis form, and some things were too contrived, like Lord Maccon surviving a huge fall while injured by several gunshots and both in his mortal stage. No. Sorry. It would have been far more tragic if Lord Maccon had died, and better written. Now, if Carriger didn’t want the book to be tragic, she shouldn’t have had him appear to die in the first place, at least not in a way that was so convincing that him being alive makes no sense.

I did like that Ivy, of all people, became a vampire queen, and the whole foreshadowing of that given the role she was playing in her play. I liked learning more about Prudence. I loved the relationship between Lyall and Biffy. I do wish I’d learned more about Mme Lefoux’s involvement (there was even one chapter where stuff was meant to be revealed, per the title, and yet nothing was revealed!), and about Floote, and about Alexia’s father, but I think enough was revealed that I’m okay with that. I loved Felicity’s fate! And I do wish that Captain Featherstonehaugh had been someone other than a random name bantered about from fiance to fiance. It would have been nice to discover he only fraternized with his fiances by letter, and that he was, oh, maybe, Felicity, the entire time. 😀

First book: Soulless
Second book: Changeless
Third book: Blameless
Fourth book: Heartless

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